Thursday, August 26, 2010

sweety white polka~

Ello guys~ ^^ hehe, just realized i have not been updating for 10days! >v<>

So i finally took off the fakies and my nails is 'crunchy and crispy' after frequent filing and sometimes removing 3D acrylic or stones peels off few layers of my nails too. i'm gonna chop them all short shortly, but at the mean while since i barely succeed to keep my nails long, i decided to do some nail art for long nails. :)

Inspiration taken from July's Nail Up.

Start with white polish as base...
I dont understand why bubble always like to visit my nails?! ><
amazing thing is that they will turn to bigger bubble after a day or two. ggrrhhh...

I dont have big flakes as shown in the mag, so i replace with what i have.
mix gold and bronze flake to stick on with dotting tools, but too bad not much difference they all looks like gold color.

pick few nails that you would like to draw the bow. you can stick stones or acrylic, but i want something simple and fast, so i use silver thin tip brush to outline the bow, then fill in the space with pastel color polish..

done~! ^^


Anyway, did this design before the white polka, but thinks it's not really to my style and not cute or sweet or cool enough so i remove it right after i finish doing it. :p

Do stay toon will update again tomorrow~ ^^/


AnnKiins'♥ said...

Awwh, I love Poka dots!
They are so elegent/cute.
Must have taken a long time.

I'll totally try these some time :D

Jin said...

Oh gold flakes on White base looks very cute. I am really into gold flakes this week. Half of my nail is covered in gold flakes now hehe. Hey the red nail polish is nice too. Maybe you can dress it up with white acrylic bows and draw red poka dots on it. :)

Sharon said...

The white polka design is really cute~! I love that you added the bows to it too.

Please have a look at my blog if you have the time ^^.

Unknown said...

thanks a lot.. this definitely took some time but it won be too long unless you want more polka on nails, hehe.. ^^

hmm, good idea, but i still need some time on red and white, having bright colors on nails is a bit too bold to me.. hehe.. maybe i can make the polka bow on another design~~~ :p

thanks shazzii, will check out your blog for sure.. ^^

Anonymous said...

I love the white polka nails! They are VERY cute! I also love the red polka dot but you know I love red and my eyes always go @^@ for red ;) xxx

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

You are a polka dots PRO!!! :)

I like both designs! Sometimes it happens also to me that I remove the design afer two minutes :P

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish:
thanks Danielle ^^ hahaha.. i love red too, but it's when it is plain red, hehehehe...

haha, true! and even if i've done top coat to seal i still remove it straight away too.. :p

Camy said...

so beautiful designs!

Unknown said...

Thanks Camy~! ^^