Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bronzygolden bling & Stones in garden

Hey everyone! Sorry for keep you all waiting, here comes my sparkle shimmer blingblingbling nails in 2 different designs~ ^^

Am still wearing my fakies since they are still sticking nicely..
This 1st design is more 'low-profile' and simple but still having the bling-ness at the same time..

The base is actually nude color from the fakies' french.
Added a layer of silver shimmer gradient.
Used bronze and gold flakes in between the nude and gradient..

Idea and inspiration taken from Cynful Nail's blog.
Credit to her chrome stars inlays post..

And here comes the Japanese style's bling! hahaha...

Hehe, got a lot of praise from friends and tutors on both designs, so proud of myself, but who knows they are both so easy and fast?! lolx..

ok, ignore me.
stop praising yourself Rachel........... >v<

Using the same silver shimmer polish like the #1 one but on the entire nails.
Then stick on stones, beads and the flowers as your preference..

This time taken the idea from Cynful Nail's pink florals acrylic post..

And since the lighting and feeling is so right that evening, took more photos of the 'background' decoration, haha..
These are actually my ear rings, background 'image' is my denim dress^^

And how's my new header? ^^
edited the blog template to match with it as well, as the previous orange flake light bg doesn't go well with blue header.. :p

Till next time! everyone be safe and take care~^^


yokeMun said...

love the mani that u did!!
is so pretty...i think i'm gonna be doing the #2 during my sis's wedding!!!=)
where did u buy the 3d flowers?

Unknown said...

hehe, thanks for the support^^
I bought the flower at Sasa.. :)

Jin said...

Rachel, when I saw your fist bling bling mani I immediately think of cynful nails hehe. I like both designs very much. Did you draw the 3D flowers? Your new header is so pretty. Did you use a special effect to highlight the sun rays shining on your earings?

Unknown said...

Hehe, her style too strong? lolx..
I bought the flower, bust lately so din make the flower my own.. :p

Yup, the sun rays is actually Photoshopped cause it looks suitable on it.. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel, I love your bling nails. Thanks to you I found Cynful nails' blogspot. Both of you are very talented girls and I love looking at your blogs. By the way I LOVE your new layout too. Beautiful! :) Danielle xx

Unknown said...

Sweety Danielle:
You must read her blog!! lolx.. i loooooove majority of her nails, she did it so neat and perfect i spend alot of time staring at them, haha..

danussik said...

I love Cynful Nails , and your design is awesome!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks danussik!^^