Saturday, August 14, 2010

sweet lace~

Ok ok am back~~ ^^v
Was really lazy lately, feel like going for a vacation or like leave everything back for a weekend for my own from works.. ><
Only did 1 design for this week and it's only on right hand, haha.. i feel stress looking at my left hand full of nail glue and stones to be remove, lolx.. anyway 90% of the stones are still sticking nicely except for some small silver beads near tips are gone cause of washing clothes and plates, cool~~~ that makes me feel like keeping them to see how long can they survive, hahaha...

So this is the design i came up with this week. something simple and easy to archive and let's get started..

As you can see i'm still wearing fakies, it's been 3 full weeks and i'm surprise they are still on my nails without any sign of peeling. I'll probably continue wearing them till they drop off by themselves, haha..

Since the fakies comes with the natural pink (as they are meant for french nails if you look back on my previous posts) i'll leave it as the base color.. you can go on with any nude or light pink polish as your preference...

Next run through the entire nails with glitter polish. Sorry i didn't capture the bottle to show the color, it's kinda like white glitter in clear polish.. Just to add the sweet and girly feel to it, and to give some shine of bling bling... :p

This step can be archive in few ways.
I use 3D lace mold to make these, then just stick on nails when it's dry.
Or, you can choose any lace pattern you like from google and draw it on with white polish..
Or, just make small and big dots referring to my photos, it works the same after all.. :)

Top coat it and you're done..

It was already late evening when i finish doing this nail art, and i fail to snap a good one with natural light as it's getting dark. End up i force to switch on flash light. ><

Oh, did i tell before i hate flash lights? it makes my face looks scary.

But whiten my fingers and the lights can cover all 'wrinkles' on my hand to create the 'blurry-ness' that i normally have to edit with Photoshop, haha...

So, until then..
Everyone take care and be good~ ^^


AnnKiins'♥ said...

Awwh, thats a cute design.
False nails are always so pretty, but so damaging.
Good luck to your nails ^w^

Freshie said...

I really like the glitter and lace!

Unknown said...

agree with you about fakies.. oww i cant imagine how would it be when i remove them.. :(
Thanks for reading anyway.. ^^

Thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, that's a beautiful design. I want you to come and do my nails! :( If you ever visit Perth let me know or I'll come to your nail studio when you have one! Love them. Danielle xx

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish: Muacks!

Hi Danielle!!! So glad to 'see' you back with this name, feels like my best friend is back, hehe^^

Oh no no, you dont need to wait for my studio, you can come whenever~~~ hahaha...

Anonymous said...

They are so cute!
I love your designs.
Cant wait to see more <3


Unknown said...

Oh you're so sweet, thanks a lot! ^^