Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rachel'graphy: Watchaaa~

Just a random post showing off my latest online purchase 'toy', thought i'd share it with you all, hehehe...

Rachel likes Online shopping.

well, only on certain product to be exact. :p

I normally shop for top. Online shopping does has its advantage:

  • OMG it's so much cheaper than shops in mall, now i feel ridiculous whenever i see the price tag! *faint*
  • continue from the point above, you can definitely find cheaper cheaper and cheaper price for similar items, all you need to do is just compare more before you decide to spend the $$
  • Fashion in Malaysia is catching up but majority shops and majority humansss here are still living in their own world or they just dont care, online shop that imported apparels from Taiwan and Korea are much more exciting!!! @v@

but at the same time, i sometimes get frustrated too:

  • Item's quality received not as picture shown as in the web site
  • Clothes' button missing and you have no chance asking for it back cause it's either at the factory/ the distributor/ the seller/ simply disappear in the air
  • Tired of waiting for the clothes to reach your door step (some are ready stock that can be delivered on the next day while some are pre-order where seller collect a bunch of order list then only they send invoice to distributor from another country)
  • Difference of size, especially for bottom apparels. ><
and blablablabla i did online purchase for few times so there might be other issue i have not encountered.

I think i talked too much. XP
All i wanna show in this post is just about this no-brand watch i just received today. ^^v
Ok the quality was not equally to the $$ i paid, but i can just black list that shop and look for new one, haha..
I bought tops most of the time online, 2 bottom that failed to meet my size (still upset on it ><), a pair of Converse-like shoes and then this watch. :)

Ok i'm done here, time for bed! ^^
Good good night and sweet dream guys. and
Good good morning remember to have your breakfast before heading out~ ^^/

ps* sometimes i just cant be bother to pissed myself off for adjusting the font color (the disadvantage of on9 shopping that part in white) but blogger just dont listen to me. ish...

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