Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tag me tag you: I love your blog!

Sorry for the late post Alice! ><>Alice for giving me 'I love your blog' award last week, it's so sweet~ ^^

Hmm, but i'm not gonna give it out to any selected blogger, since i'm not always 'here'.
And actually i feel sorry that i seldom leave comment when i see nice design and have so many sweet blogger to comment in my blog for support. I just dont have the habit to perform the 'comment' action ever since i start blogging. ><

But! this doesn't mean i do not care about others, i read all my following blog and some other nail blog whenever i'm free to do so. i support 'silently', haha..

Ok anyway, new post coming up soon so stay toon~! ^^


Tessa said...

hey! Nice blog you got there
I'm a follower now :)

Maybe you can check out mine as well and become a follower?

Unknown said...

Thanks Tessa! :)