Friday, November 12, 2010

and you dot dot dot~

Hi guys! long time no see. :p
i know it's been awhile (well it's was just a week ago since the last post, lolx), and yes i'm a little busy this week with activities, and hong kong dramas, haha... >v<

Some of you may find this very familiar if you read Trincess's blog on this cute bubblegum post.
I thought it's really simple easy and unique, so i decided to do it too, with a little changes^^


Start off with white and black base.
I wanted to try it with different color base, so my ring fingernails is in black where the rest are white.

When the base is almost dry, it's time for happy dotting~~ hehe..

It's really simple as you just randomly dot different colors on the area near cuticle, and i can't think of why you will fail to get this design.. :p

The dot's color on my ring finger is same as the white base, it looks different due to the black base.

And we are done~

I guess i will only be free to post new nails on.......... Monday.
Because i have things to be done tomorrow and day after tomorrow, and then i guess you will forgive me to have one day off on Sunday since it's my birthday right? :) hee....

Well, till then. Have a nice weekend everyone and i'll see you soon~ ^^


You nailed it! said...

wow that's so pretty. i love the black nail, it looks like an unfocussed picture of lights, really special xx

Lacey said...

Nice, I've tried the dotting tool.
but it wasn't half as good as your design. well done

Unknown said...

you nailed it!:
thanks a lot:) oh ya, now that oyu say so, it looks like unfocussed photo, hehe..

i think you just need more practice and be focus and you'll get nice dots soon.. :D