Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's get bow~

So here goes the entire design~ ^^

(from left) Skin Food BL509, Skin Food BW701, The Face Shop Face It BR801, Konad m59

These are on my left hand....

And the right side~

And just to share with you all the original picture of my header.. :p
i keep everything ori and only edited the bottle's name to my blog name, hehe..

Hope you guys like it, see you soon~ ^^/


Anonymous said...

I meant to comment on the new Header before. I like it! And I love the mani. The bows and hearts are so sweet. Nice and festive. Love xx

Bippy said...

That nail polish color is just fantastic! What is the name of it? Also, I love your manicures they are always so cute and original!

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish:
Tehee thanks Danielle~ ^^
i love either complicated/flowery picture or simple like this one.. :)

Thanks a lot Bippy! :D So Sorry i am back to my hometown and i left the polishes at my hostel. Will let you know when i get it back ya.. :D

Jin said...

Beautiful bows and hearts. Wish I can stamp as well as you do! Did you use the glitter nail polish to make the polka dots?

Unknown said...

Oh i think no one notice the loves on my right ring finger are a bit ruined, hehe... yeap i use the glitter polish for the dots, but my friend Amelia say the design looks better without the dots to make the bows stand out. What say you? haha..