Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bling bling and bling~

Hey guys.. sorry for the delay, was away for part time job past few days.. :p

So, this was the silver bling gradient i did originally, plainly with any silver flakes or shimmer you can find from your nail polishes..

Added some big stones i got from craft store for those DIY deco you do on your mobiles and cameras..

And that's for all..
So sorry i don't have more photos to show, lighting was not so good to shoot them.. :p

i fell down from staircase on a rainy day outside of a restaurant before my job, and hurt my buttock, imagine the bruise is black in color on almost half of my right side.. T.T Thanks god it didn't hurt my back bone.. :'( but don't worry, am recovering from it now, the color turns to red after few massages with oil, poor my hip.. ><

Back in few days, till then, everyone take care.. :>


Abbie♥ said...

those nails are really lovely! don't the stones come off easily? :)

kory_nails said...

beautiful..great job..this design is great for New Year Eve..

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

omg! take care! slippery stairs are very evil! :(

Unknown said...

thanks:) i seldom have stones come out, i think it's because i use top coat that is already started to become thick and not so runny to stick the stones, normally it can hold still for 1 week if i did not remove them. :)

Haha, true true it will get a lot of attention on that day.. :p

:( yea, it was so painful that my tears burst out after i fell, i'm so glad i didnt hurt my back bone.. :|
Thanks for caring Alice..:)

Trincess said...

ooh gorgeous! you manage to make japanese kind of bling-y nails so delicate and pretty =)

Unknown said...

tehee, thanks a lot^^

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Jin said...

That's really gorgeous! I like the super big blings :) sorry to hear that you fell. I fell down the stairs once when walking down from the double decker bus. I had the same huge blue black bum as you did hehe. Glad it's getting better now.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Trincess and yes, your work is always delicate and pretty. I love your blog :)

Unknown said...

Usei Hoje!:
Hi:) thanks for following my blog! i will definitely visit yours too^^

Xie xie Jin:) oh it must be very painful and fell in the bus sounds worse than mine>< luckily i have my friend beside to take care of, if not i don't know what to do..

The Diva's Polish:
oh hehe you're always so sweet....

Jin said...

Hey Rachel, did you turn of comments on your new post? I can't seem to find it :)

Unknown said...

I think i turn it off accidentally, it's on again, thanks for reminding, hehe..