Tuesday, November 16, 2010

black like a...

trash bin bag? hahaha, but indeed, this design was inspired by the black plastic bag that we usually use it for rubbish bin..

Last week my friend and i participated in a costume design competition held by Public Relation student in uni for their final year project. it was to create a costume with the use using old stuff or recyclable materials. So this was the final result using bubble wrap, unused shirt, and black plastic bag..

And to make it a set, the rubbish bag came to my mind as an idea to transform it onto my nails..
But instead of using the real bag, i tried it out with my black crack polish i bought sometime ago.. (check this out for the 1st crack nail design i did with red crack polish)

And, this is the outcome..
Yes the surface was not smooth as expected but it instead it came out looking more realistic like the texture of the rubbish bag.. :p
The base color was actually silver glitter and i added some flakes too before the black polish so when the cracks form you can see some shine coming out in between the crack..

For left hand side i make index finger with silver glitter cause i think it gives a contrast with the black crack design and to bling it up a bit..

Hope you like it~
If not, stay tune cause next will be a long-time-no Konad post~~~~!!! ^^


Rins said...

We also use those black garbage bags! And I must say, your nails really do mimic those bags! I can't believe that's crackle polish. How did it appear that way? It looks like 3D!

Unknown said...

thanks Rina! :)
crack polish needs a base underneath, and you put on the crack polish when the base is half dry. then you just wait and magic happens~ lolx..

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

this is a great thing: give new life to old stuff!!
the outfit came out super!

Kae said...

That is so creative, with the nails and outfit! I love that pose too :)

Hope you've been well sorry I haven't left comment in a while =x

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the costume and your black plastic nails are extremely funki! The crackle paint looks awesome in black. Love xx

Unknown said...

Thanks Alice^^

Hi Kae! oh i feel sorry too for no leaving comment on your blog for such a long time, but i still read it often! :p
I love this pose the most too among the rest of the photo but guess what it was actually considered a candid one, lolx..

The Diva's Polish:
hehe Danielle~~~ ^^ we cut the plastic bag into small pieces and sew it one by one onto the unused shirt and wrap my upper part with the bubble wrap, that was challenging cause i have to hold my breath in case the bubble wrap came off, haha...

Jin said...

Rachel, I love your pose! Must have taken ages to sew those plastic on the shirt. The crackle nail polish is the perfect match. Very creative! I have just bought some crackle polish myself but have not used it yet. Are they generally long lasting?

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Jin~ ^^ it was done in a night, haha..
You got crackle polish too! faster try it so i got someone to share with, hehe.. To me they stay quite well on my nails but i'm not sure if it's long lasting enough as i remove it after the competition ends.. :p