Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reddy reddy for my friend~ ^^

Did this mani for my friend few day after the fair when she came to find me, hehe..

For the base, i'm using the OPI i just got,
2 coats of the pink as the base then red glitter for some bling..

Wait or couple of minutes, chit chat awhile, hehe,
then to Koand..
Also using my newly bought Konad m7..
Stamp it at the right corner of nails, i purposely didn't stamp the whole image, something special, hehe...

Then added some stones beside the image..
Top coat and done~ ^^

Images from m7 are quite nice, simple yet cute.. :)

My uni is re-opening tomorrow, did my left hand, will continue right one later..
I normally do 1 hand first, so when it's done and dried, i have another hand to assist me on doing things, tehee..


chocaddict said...

your friend's lucky ^_^
that's a really lovely mani, you did a great job :)

ThRiSzHa said...

this is so cuteeeee

Paige said...

Very cute!

Unknown said...

Oh hi!^^ Thanks a lot. Well after reading my blog for some time, i'm glad she started to pour her talent on her nails too! will show you guys here when i found nice one from her~ ^^

Thank you! ^^ And i got to say your latest nails are wonderful! I love it!:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the reddy reddy for your friend!! Very beautiful!! So neat and I live the stones too!! You are so clever! Xx

Unknown said...

Thank you!^^

Oh thanks Danielle! You're always so nice^^

simyee said...

hi everyone..
i m her lucky fren lo XD

nice one from me ah?..
tak tau tat day will come anot

Unknown said...

hahah, 'research' more form here, then soon you will got your own 'galleriesssss' .. lol...