Monday, October 5, 2009

notice: tag tag tag

To dear dear Danielle:

I know you've been waiting for my tag, for unfortunately most of my stuff are left in my hostel, and i will only be going back 2 weeks later,
which means, i'm only able to do the red tag that time!

I feel sad too cause i really wanna do it right now so i can share my red stuff with you all : (

Wait for me ya~ hehe.. ; p

love, Rachel


Anonymous said...

Ah Rachel! You make me laugh!! Of course I will wait! I will look forward to seeing your RED post <3 x

Unknown said...

hehe.. *shyshy*
im so careless for not taking fake nails back! so i can paint them when im free.. :(
so what i can do is always stick to all the nail blog to fill my time.. lolx..