Friday, October 30, 2009

Tag me tag you: the Red Tag

Finally, tag~ ^^
As i said before, i only able to do this tag when i'm back to my hostel,
but due to the #$%^ internet connection, haih... T.T

So so so, i was tag by Danielle for doing this RED tag. Here's my 7 things in red i have~ ^^

1. my Watson lycopene facial mask

2. my mini 'personal assistant' tape dispenser' (with some old orange stick i use to pick up rhinestone 'sharing' some space, hehe..)

3. red paint brush i use for nail art... ( see my rose see my rose? still in the mold, hehe..)

4. red mirror - i use it for make up purpose every morning..

5. My newly bought OPI ( damm i like red but i don't really own much thing on red, no choice have to use nail polish to get 7 stuff, hehe..)

6. my only cheongsam ( Chinese traditional dress) bought it few years ago, i thought the pattern was quite unique.. :D

7. And finally, tehee.... My sweet sweet gift from my sweet one..
black one as him ( cause he had dark skin tone), and red as me ( the cute one^^v)..

Hehe, so that's all for the tag~! guess many out there had done the tag so i'm not going to tag anymore, but definitely let me know if you're going to do it, so i can 'visit' you~ ^^


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel! Thank you! :) I like your sweet sweet gift from your sweet one and is that a Holiday Wishes OPI polish that I spy??? I want that one too! I love all your red treasures!! Hope you are well and happy <3 xx

Unknown said...

Sorry for the late reply!! i approve it but once i turn away to do other things, i forgot about this.. T.T"'
Millions of thank you to you,
I have to say you make my day everytime i read your comment~ :D