Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saloon-like nails~~ >: )

Tehee, after so long of the gel glitter, Rachel had finally did something very neeeeeeeeeeww to me~ :p

First of all, here's a mini haul i got from night market yesterday night.
4 polishes for 10bucks (ringgit malaysia) and 2 pack of rhinestones for 5bucks..
Got white, dark reddish purple, bronze+blue glitter and blue glitter, big transparent rhinestones and small blue one..

After i got back home, i tried the white one to see it's quality, though it's a cheap-brand polishes, it's a bit watery but dries fast..
Oh and, something special on this bottle is that the name of these polish is 'QY', which my initial.. ^^v Don't get misunderstood, Rachel is my nickname..

After putting on 3 coats of the white on right hand, i think it's quite ok and so i move on left hand side.

Since i bought rhinestones too and i don't need to do laundry or cooking in my semester break, i thought i shall do something more fancy. >: )
Then i got this idea that i always wanted to try..

First Konad-ed with m39 with the dark purple polish but dark blue for ring finger and thumb just for fun..
(did m39 for left hand and change to m53 for right hand)

Then added the blue glitter around the image,
and here comes Bling blingsss~~~ ^^

left hand..


Hmm~~ ^^v Top coat the rhinestone for a more shinny bling then only top coat the nails..
Nice right?? hehe..

Not really like what i used to do, it's bright and a bit of japanese style and i barely paint full nails with white as they dried extremely fast in bottle so i always get pissed of it.

Yee~ ^^
Let's see how long can the rhinestones can stay on my nails.. lol..


Mary said...

Such a work of art! I love your detailed step-by-step and your nails turned out great :)

Paige said...

That is a really cute mani!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks!:) But i didn't manage to capture every tiny steps as some of the photo din turn out good cuz of the lighting..

Thank you!! ^^

Anonymous said...

I love your nails, and those rhinestones are amazing!

Unknown said...

Thanks Katie! :) i accidentally drop one big rhinestones and i cant find it back though.. :(

Liza said...

Very very beautiful! i love it !

Kae said...

What a good deal on those polishes! I love the huge stones and how you arranged them on your nails, very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful Rachel. Love the white on your nails and the aqua and glitter. You are very talented and clever! <3

Unknown said...

Thanks! :)

it's a good deal but for the glitter it actually has kinda strong smell that last on my nails for 1 night, well, you get what you pay for..
I'm in love with the big stone too! it's like there's magic in there~ lol..

Thanks Danielle^^ my relatives keep on asking me if i get it done from saloon, they just don't believe.. -.-"

ThRiSzHa said...

ohhh... i also have QY polish i got them here in a local store in abu dhabi...ur right its fast dry but its not long wearing polish... i love what u did on ur nails...

Unknown said...

Ohh~ how surprise it is.. :)
Long wearing is not a major consideration on nail polishes, cause i can't wait to change my nails every few days, hehe...
Thanks anyway! ^^