Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Haul haul haul~ ^^

Phew~~!!! So after tomorrow, my semester break is going to end. ><>
So, thesessssss are what i got for nails during the 2weeks holiday~^^

I've mentioned about this in my another blog before, i got this from night market.
There's few night market nearby my house and one of it is so call the longest night market in Malaysia.
I should have search this there before i decided to buy it at another smaller market, cause it's cheaper with more product selling there!!! ><

Then then then^^

I thought to tell you all before i head to Malaysia's beauty fair earlier on, but i'm not sure if i can make it because i had a relative's birthday party to attend before that.
I made it at the end, but alone. Cause no one is free to accompany Rachel, mum complaining she's tired from the party so they drop me out of the centre and back home to rest.


But anyways~ this is my first time visiting something name beauty fair here.
It's.....ok, since it's my first time so i dont know what to expect.
Not too much story-ing, here's my haul^^

Acrylic sculpture kit for beginner~
normal price i've seen in mall is 80, but it's only 30 there~ ^^v how can i not buy and try it on seriously???!
As you all know i've tried gel nails, so it's time for acrylic.
Will show you guys after my nails had enough rest from gel. :)

Dotting tool~
Finally got myself this tool, but they only have 1 size.

Can anyone describe how OPI looks like? I wanna make sure i didnt bought the fake one even though it's on sales. Because i cant find their names but only codes.
I got this for 20 each bottle, and it's usually rm50-60 per bottle.
That's why you never see Rachel using OPI, cause it's damm expensive over here. -.-
This is code 88.

Didn't manage to copy down the code before i give it to one f my friend.
She's the one who inform me about this fair, and i did a mani for her using these.
Will post it up after this post.

OPI no 161.
I seldom buy blue nail polish unless it's darker shade.
This would be my first light blue polish.

Next, some dried flower for nail art~
it only cost me 1buck each. good deal.

Lavender?? lol.
I don't know much about flower except sunflower, which is my favourite one. Tehee..

Seriously they know me i dont know them. -.-"'
But it's cute, this is kinda turquoise green one..

beige one..

And green one..

And look, i got some square rhinestones as well...

The giant big rhinestone, lol...
There's even bigger one, but i don't think my nails could fit in so i didn't get those.

And how can i forgot about this 3D rose mold!!! ^^v

So, here's what i got during break,
guess you will be able to see some new mani coming up soon by Rachel^^


Paige said...

Wow, great haul!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks!! ^^ my allowance aren't really much + nail stuff here are still expensive so this is quite a big haul to me.. :D