Thursday, June 24, 2010

white flame..

Before i show you how i did this design, allow Rachel to let her nails to come out for a sun bath~ XP
Dont mind them without bikini or swimsuit right? (hope my jokes is understandable, lolx...)

Long time no bare nails~~ *nails breathing*
My nails have not grow so long for a loooooooooooong time, but now i'm half excited and worried when will they start peeling or splitting.. wuwuwu.. ><

Been wearing nail polish continuously these past week, the only time they are free from these chemical colours were when i'm thinking what to do next after i remove them, and i re-paint them like, straight after all manicure's stuff done..

Ok ok, enough of it it's time to paint~~
I'm sorry i took so long to show you all about this 'crack' nail polish!
It's quite challenging to come out with designs other than zebra or patterns that you usually seen similar to this..

** reason why you never see me in animal print design is that... i just dont like it, no reason...... like how i cannot cope with pink, lolx..

Here's some information you might wanna before start using the crack polish..
  • For crack polish, you will need a base colour before applying it, it doesn't work with only base coat either, i think its the formula of creating the crack ya..
  • You need to apply it when base color is 1/2 - 3/4 dry, it does not work when the base is totally dry or too wet.
  • The thicker the polish is, the wider/bigger the crack will be..
  • From my experience, the polish will crack to the direction you apply it, meaning if you apply it vertically like how we normally apply ordinary polish, it will crack towards vertical, and vice versa..
  • You can use hair dryer with hot air to blow the polish if you want more crack.. but this only happen when it's still wet..
  • The crack polish dries almost immediately after it finish it's 'cracking job', so you can straight away apply top coat or go on with decorations..
And, i think that's it, so let's start~

Since it's a dark red 'crack', i picked white polish as the base for this kinda demonstration while it looks more contrast..

When we are done with 2 coats of white, i immediately go on with the crack.
From middle finger to pinky, you can see how it start cracking..
Notice the direction i apply it from pinky?

My index finger has lesser but wider crack compare to the rest because i put too much polish on it.. :p

Ok i thought the previous one was too boring covering entire nails with the crack, so i remove everything and come out with this design.
I only apply criss cross direction on the root near cuticle, and it kinda looks like fire flame but in darker shades, hehe..

I think its kinda cool giving the crack effects, but not much ideas i can think of, i got another crack polish in black, will show you another design when inspiration knock my door..

So you like it? :)


rijaH said...

I would love to try this, but dont know where to get a hold of it :(

Dainty Darling Digits said...

I wish I could find some of this here :( I think it looks awesome!

DesertNails8 said...

Must have been fun to watch it crack. I like what you did with making an X with the cracking polish.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love them! I think they are beautiful AND I think that you'll have a few people copy them for the next True Blood or Twilight release. Perfect Vampire nails (I think)... Fantastic! Danielle @^@ xx

Jin said...

Oh how can I get my hands on one of these nail polish! I love it. Especially your flame version. It looks almost like batik (traditional textile prints).

I just finished watching this Kdrama called Queen Seon Deuk. Still very much affected by the ending. Did you watch it?

Jamie K. said...

very creeative!!! :D i love this deisgn! ahhh there isnt any crack polish in singapore... yet?


Qing Qing said...

nice design~ ^^

Unknown said...

It's quite in trend in Taiwan (since it's invented there i assume) so i'm not sure where could i suggest you all to get it.. sorry for that: (

Thanks a lot! ^^

Vampires like my nails? how cool is that cause i like vampires~ @v@ hmm.... lolx.. Thanks dear muacks~^^

Oh you get it! i keep staring on them and try to help to blow to let it crack, it's like watching something excited happening, and it's on my nails! taa... XP

I feel like they looks like something and god you just say it! lolx.. I like Batik too but sometimes the pattern is just too colorful that i prefer it to be lesser, hehe..

Oh i'm so glad that i finally find someone that watch that too! my friends say it's too long and boring (you know the 'old' korean drama's beat is way slower than modern drama) and i'm the only one who finish it. Love love love the ending, i almost cry on every episode when it's near the ending.. :)

Jamie K.:
hmm... i'm not sure on SG but you can definitely find it in Oops! J series from Jolin Tsai if there is any retailer selling it over there..Thanks for hanging around! ^^

Qing Qing:
Thank you thank you! ^^

Jin said...

Yah some period drama are a bit slow but this one has many exciting bits. I am really sad when Bidam died! hehe I am glad you like it too. I am now watching the NG shots on YouTube. It's really funny.

Unknown said...

the reason why i like these drama is i love watching different types of traditional korean clothing and their culture, it's so nice to see and understand with slower tempo, but i agree sometimes i get frustrated of moving too slow.. XP

I like Bidam too:) as well as their OST~~ ^^

ThRiSzHa said...

love that crack polish!!

Unknown said...

Thanks ThRiSzHa~ ^^

kory_nails said...

that is that a special nail polish??omg..lovelyyyyyyyyyy

Unknown said...

hehe, yea it's meant to crack the polish instantly.. ^^ Thank you~ :)

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

great idea! you gave a new concept for the crack polish... love it!

Unknown said...

Tehee, the concept came to me accidentally.. :p Thanks a lot! ^^

Donna said...

I think the flames look is really cool!! I'm from Australia and theres a local brand that recently released these cracked nail polish. I actually thought the look was kind of ...not that good =P Like if you don't wear it properly it will look like your nail polish was cracking haha or bad application!!
But I LOVE the flames look you did and am considering purchasing it just to try the look~ haha
Thanks for the inspiration Rachel :D

Unknown said...

Oh we have the same feeling! i didnt thnk too long to purchase them, but after i sit down and look at it, like you said, it's hard to think of a good design that won make it looks like bad application. But it is a challenge at the same time adventuring new stuff, hehe..

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

Super cool and non conventional! :) it remembers me red feathers or wings :)

Unknown said...

Tehee, thanks Alice~ :)