Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love's all around~

Yaya i really need to catch up with you all and my blog.. ><
This was a mani i did last week for valentines, just for sharing here cause i need to keep my nails bared when i get back to work, but unfortunately i didn't get the post it up on time.. :(

It might looks a bit similar with the powerpuff nails i made not long ago, but i just can't make the shape of love away from my mind.. :p

I use dotting tools to color the pink area,
then the white love,
stuck'em with rhinestones~ :D

Ma Winne and Stitch(the bottom right corner showing only his backside cause he's hanging on my camera, lolx) kiddy from Watson~ ^^

More to come since it's Chinese New Year now and it means no working~~~~ ^^v


Unknown said...

i love !! it's so cute :)

Jin said...

Rachel 新年快乐!Did you have a big celebration yesterday? I really missed my family last night. I called home and spoke to everyone for nearly an hour. Your nails are so pretty for valentines! I love the different shades of purple and pink rhinestones.

Unknown said...

Lily nail:
Thank you^^ And hope you have a happy nail year in 2010, tehee.. :p

Rachel也祝你新年快乐 万事如意~!!!^^
The celebration was a bit boring, we went out to have reunion dinner with relatives, but the restaurant's was pack and too little space for us to walk around to chit chat.. :( But me and my siblings had a great time dressing up and taking photos there haha.. and we get to see a lot of fireworks in close distance at different places just from our home, so cool~ ^^v

Unknown said...

I LOVE the rhinestone hearts!!! this is what I wanted to do... but I got lazy and did a Konad heart design instead, lol.

Unknown said...

Tehee, i saw it, but i gotta say that you look really nice with your new color, it looks natural and suits you better i think~^^

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

I don't have the patience for something like this but it's very cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks! But it's not perfect for me yet, so guess what, i remove it that night and paint another mani, lolx...

Paige said...

Very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! My blog friend Rachel is back with her beautiful nails! All designs are stunning. But I particularly like the plain red nails! They are a beautiful way to bring in the New Year! I've missed your stunning designs. Hope your training went well and you are not too tired!! <3 xx

Unknown said...

Thanks girl~ ^^

Thanks Danielle.. You always make me feel so warm coming back, tehee..
I started to have fun on my training actually, but the bad side is lesser time and space for myself..
Anyway, Rachel wish you happy and healthy always, and our friendship last forever~ ^^v