Sunday, February 14, 2010

Red red red and red~ :)

Just wanna wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year and Rrawwwrrrrrr~~~~ \(^0^)/
Tehee, may the prosperity follows you all in the year of tiger~ :D

Okay this was the mani i did a week ago, as well, just to make me feel back home cause i have to stand for 'naking' my nails for the whole week in office so i'll stick on my work station from friday night till sunday night, lolx.. ><

Ok i have to say the 2 bottles of Rimmel London polish i get bubbles all the time. yup.
I didn't shake i did nothing to it and it just get slightly lesser bubbles when i apply it slowly, argh..

I remove them except for the tip part to make it a french for Monday, it's still obvious though, cause simply because i'm the only one to paint my nails in the entire office.. T.T

So i took it off on Tuesday.. :/


Paige said...


Anonymous said...

I've the same problem with this Rimmel nail polish :(
anyway I've been reading you for a couple of month and i LOOVE your works!!! :)
Alice from Italy

Unknown said...

Thank you thank you^^

Thanks so much for supporting^^ well guess that is either our problem on applying or their application/polish formula.. i really like the color but i just cant have it plain like that or else it will stuck with bubbles few hours later..:(