Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prosperity marble + the rain and cloud~

I've been spending my time being with family and friends for CNY, and that's the reason for not updating too.. :p

This is what i'm wearing on third day of CNY and i'm quite satisfied on the result and make them stay longer on my nails, hehe..

To achieve the mani, i start the base with a dark red..
*you'll probably wondering whose hand is that at the back, hehe, answer will be revealed in a short while~

When it's dried, drop few big drop of the same red and gold polish onto nails,
'mix' it all up by using orange stick or dotting tools,
i'm not doing any pattern but just mixing it randomly..

Then i accessories the mani with some rhinestones on ring finger..

Photo taken in dad's friend house with their sewing picture.. :p


Done for my part, here comes sharing mani i did for my cute sister~ ^^v
Start off with 2 coats of dark blue polish..

Next, create random dots with white polish near the cuticle part, and here appear the 'cloud'~

Finish it by adding some black star stones onto the cloud.. (i only have 1 color of star stones, it would look better with other color maybe..)


And before i say bye bye, i thought i could share about stones over here..
As you can see from the picture above, left hand side are cheappie stones with only 1 thin silver layer at the back of stones; while the right hand cost a little bit higher than the cheap one, with thicker and more secure layer at behind, allowing it to be reuse for few times..

The more expensive stones definitely looks more 'pure' and shines compare to the cheat one..

*i'm damm sleepy while i'm writing these, thus apologies for wrong grammar or wring info in sentence if any, hehe.. @.@

I was holding one of our souvenir from Taiwan, representing 101mall..

Ok i should be oging to bed now, night~ :)


Paige said...

Those are gorgeous designs!!!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I love your nails! And the last picture is darling!


Unknown said...

I like it!
Both of them, first one looks classy, the other one plain sweet!
Good job!

Unknown said...

Thank you thank you~ ^^

Tehee, thanks a lot!

My sister's nail plate is shorter and wider than mine, so whatever i apply on her nails always came out cute style, hehe...
Thanks anyway~ :)

Anonymous said...

I love your designs again Rachel! The red and gold is beautiful! And your "cute" sister's design is very sweet. Love the stars!! Gorgeous!

I would love your help as I am celebrating CNY with some friends of mine next Sunday (a little late perhaps). I have been asked to bring dessert. Is there something traditional I could "attempt" to make for our CNY party?

Unknown said...

Oh thanks Danielle^^ My sister ask me what comment you all leave about her nails, she was very happy receiving sweet ones but unfortunately it's time to go back to school so she had to remove it.. :p

About the dessert, i found a link that actually include numbers of it that you can prepare.

among all of these, almond cookies and fortune cookies might be the most familiar to everyone, but i think you can try red bean soup as it is really simple to make.
Here's a link on another type of red bean soup that i personally love very much as it has a thick and rich taste with glutinous rice We had it all the time around the year but i think it's still serve by representing the prosperity as red is the color of CNY, but i'm not sure if you can find this rice at your market. You can replace tangerine peel with normal orange peel whether it is dried or not it still make the soup tasty, we use this often. :p

I hope you had fun during the party~ ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are a lovely lady to me! Thank you very much for the links! I'll take a peek now! Sounds delicious! I hope I can find the rice! Will try very hard! Thank you Rachel xxx

Unknown said...

tehee you're most welcome^^
If you cant find the rice, it's ok to only cook with red bean and orange peels, you can even skip the blending part and it'll be more watery soup.
I did all those ways before and i like all of them, as long as you add appropriate amount of sugar^^

Jin said...

Hi Rachel sorry about the late comment :( I've been feeling so sick from eating the fertility medication. I really love both your designs. The cloud is ultra cute! Your sister must be so happy to have such a good 姐姐 like you!

Unknown said...

Jin i hope you will recover soon.. :)
tehee, she's been requiring for a mani on CNY, and she was going out the next day with blue shirt so i thought this would match her shirt.. ^^
you know she's been saying i must be her manicurist when she get married so i can do her her dream wedding nails, haha..

Musicalhouses said...

Wow you do have awesome nails! and that's such a festive look for chinese new year!

Unknown said...

thanks~ :)