Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pastel french~

I'm so sorry for not updating~!! ><
Been busy with my animation assignment till no day no night, sleeping had been upside down "everywhere", wake up in the afternoon and start working, dig myself in Adobe Flash till the next morning, sleep, wake up at noon again.. @@ reason being is midnight is always the best time to concentrate and that's when the internet line is the smoothest so i can download or search for any references i want.. :)

So end up Rachel has pretty panda eyes with huge pores on my face.. >v<

But guess what? i've been praised by lecturer on my effort in front of the class, hehe...

I have to admit i'm kinda nail polish addicted lately. Since i got not much time for leisure activities, i have to cut off the time of doing manicure as well. But the thing is, i can't stand staring on my naked nails for more than half a day. =.="
So to have something fast and simple, i decided to take out all my pastel creamy polishes and do a colourful french nails~^^

Ok just a short post. Most probably new updates tomorrow after class~
A very good morning and sleep tight sweet dream to everyone.. :)


Jamie K. said...

love this!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jamie:)

yokeMun said...

this is the colors u used!!=)

Unknown said...

Thank you thank you.. :)

Anonymous said...

Did u use any konad plates for the tips or you drew them on yourself? Looks really good!

Anonymous said...

Rachel! Look at your beautiful hands and nails. Just wish my hands and nails looked as beautiful. What handcream are you using? You need to let us know your secret ;) Glad you are doing well in class and you got praised for your efforts! Well done! Danielle xx

Unknown said...

Nope actually i still find it difficult to use Konad french tip plate, so i draw my french freehand most of the time.. :)
Thanks a lot~

*Blush* TvT
Believe me my hands are dry and nails are always weak! >< i have to apply hand cream every after i finish doing laundry or cooking, and for now i try to put on cuticle oil every night, and that's all~ haha..
Btw i'm using Eubos's Sensitive hand repair & care so i can have more moisture since we deal with nail polish and remover often.. :)

Oh Danielle i miss you.. :(

P.I.P. said...

Great crack polish. where can I find it. No luck yet.

S. diddy

Unknown said...

haha, you got me confuse commenting on the next post from the crack polish, but it's ok i found it..:p

you're from new york? well i'm not too sure where to get them over your country cause that's the 1st time i saw it in mine too.. sorry cant help, but thanks anyway for visitng.. :)

Saori said...

Hi Rachel :) very original french !!

Unknown said...

Thanks~ :)