Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Red. I mean red.

Tehee, so here's one more nails of my buddy Amelia~~
I wonder if fate let us with long nice finger people met, so we can play on nails stuff happily together, wahahaha,
so evil me.. -.-"'

Cause lack of time as we both are going out for dinner with friends, so only manage to do a simple mani, a red one.. Yea like what the title says, i mean RED. lol..

Warm water,
push cuticles,
base coat,
2 coats of RED polish,
and top coat.

They look special by taking photo with flash, it's like spotlightsssss on the performer on stage~
*clap clap clap~~~~*

Ever heard that bright red (yala i mean this RED one) is the most difficult to apply to perfect.
I think other than the naughty bubblesssss, the rest is ok..

Is it all old polish will get bubble on nails when apply? Actually quite geram on it, have to kinda give up those old one which i still like the color.. :( sob..

Tehee, see i got roses from her too~ Got one really RED one but im not holding in this photo, hehe..

All pictures shown in this post are captured edited and credited to both NailsbyRachel and her good friend Amelia.


lena kiwi said...

my nail's pic is nicer..wakaka..
photographer is very important la!!yeah!i found another talent of me ald!!

Unknown said...

haha, each has their own perception and opinion on things they like de ma..

Crissy said...


Unknown said...

Thanks! :)

Lucy said...

The red nail manicure is so pretty. Very classy and ladylike. You are so cute Rachel. Pretty roses.

Unknown said...

hehe..Me and Amelia looooorve~ red a lot..
Thank you! You may visit my main blog as well and praise me there, make my friend envy.. lol..