Friday, July 10, 2009

Secret Garden i name it~ + Haul

Elianto came out with range of new glitter nail polishes and how can i miss it?!
The sales girl told me last week that there will be new colors coming this week, and when me and my friends reach there, it's a Aaarrgghhhh~~~~~~~!

The bottle is damm cute~!
Well at least it's somthing different than what we will see here ma..

I got 4 roses now~ ^^v

One of my friend's finger, saying 'hi~' to you all... -.-" haha... just simply wanna distract me from taking photo..

Lovely color number 1, Night Glitters 19
Second, Glittery Nickel 14

Racing Green 18 and Indigo Shine 15
Love love love them~~~
Their red ones are nice too, but i just couldn't stand to get these 1st...

Super happy with all i get and cant wait to try them on~
I don;t which one should i use 1st, so i pick 2 of them and made a gradient nails, just so i can have 2 color at the same time, lolx~

I first apply the indigo near cuticle, then faster apply the green one on the rest of the nail.
Drag some indigo along when i'm applying green polish to make it gradient.

Omg, my finger never look that flawless before~ Thanks to my cammy~
camera i mean la, haha.. ^^

Konad m39 next on the tips..
Added a rhinestone too~

Product used~
*The Face Shop base coat
*Skind Food pedicure sparkle 02
*Elianto Racing Green 18
*Elianto Indigo Shine 15
*Konad top coat
*Konad m39

Still so happy for getting all these colors~

So my friend, queue up ya~ haha..


simyee said...

i like tat colour!!!
u polish 2 color together ah?!
how u polish de?...
so leng leh!!
i wan also~

Unknown said...

lol, your darling can do whatever people can do in this world~ XP
it's easier to do gradient with glitter polish rather than plain one cause the color mix up better..
I din manage to take picture on how i did it cause you gotta work fast..

wanna learn?
Guai guai wait darling come back teach you har~ haha...

simyee said...

cant wait leh..
i got 2 rose~!
hahahah ...

Unknown said...

haha, good good, we see which one grow faster.. lolx..

My target is red ones for next round of shopping~!!!! ^^v

simyee said...

你的indigo 没有上完全不指甲?。。
还没有等它干你就上racing green?。。。
racing green的刷子 不会弄到indigo吗?..

我上到 没有在一起的感觉。。

i got 4 rosesssssss。。。

Unknown said...

如果等到indigo干了才涂racing green 的话就制造不出gradient了。
间中drag indigo 的尾端一起继续涂。。

simyee said...

u geng mah..
i ask stupid question alreay ah?..

i try next time :P

Unknown said...

hahah, no la, you gain experience and extra knowledge than others when you did it yourself..
man man lai, my darling can de~ hehe..

Lucy said...

Hello to your friend. Those bottles are adorable. Love the roses. The polishes are gorgeous. Love the gradient look. Very pretty.

Unknown said...

i have to say this is my favourite nails! i'd been staring at them for the whole week until i finally remove it, hehe..