Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kiwi the special nails ever~

There, since long i haven did any nails for my friend, presenting one of my close friend's one here..
Deng deng deng deng~~~

Kiwi the fruit~^^
Did a full mani for her since she had never taken good care of her nails,
but i beg she will from now onwards, haha..
Took 4+ hours pampering her nails include toe nails and of course girls talk, but only did a normal one for toe cause the focus is on her hands~~~ tehee...

File and trim nails, soak nails in warm water to then push and shape cuticles, moisture with olive oil since i don't have any cuticle oil, then start the painting part..

I think olive oil do the same thing with cuticle oil too and it's more natural so i never purchase cuticle oil.
Her skin absorb it speedly, so you know what to do from today la har my dear Kiwi?

Half way from the process~
Something different and special for her upon her request,
purple with bronzy gold...
This is also the first time of me doing this type of pattern,
two color placing horizontally to each, the 'mirror' ... haha..

Something that wouldn't change, start with base coat to protect nails,
follow by 2 coats of bronsy gold,
Then the purple, but only with 1 coat cause it comes out well,

Took some time to think of what to do next and finally
Konad-ed the fish net on tips with yellow polish,
and sparkle with glitterssssssss on it,

top coat to seal the design,
and here's the 'rich people' nails.. hehe....

Show off time~

Hehe, since she's more pro in photo taking, i shall let her practice her talent haha..

Finally i got both of my hands on my blog~!!!! ^^v

Product used~
*The Face Shop base coat
*Elianto bronsy gold (the label sticker drop by its own so cant get the exact name)
*Elianto Glittery Nickel ~ My rose^^
*Elianto Yellow 23
*Konad m57
*Flame 77 (big silver glitter)
*no-brand silver glitter
*Konad top coat

*All picture shown in this post are taken edited and credited to Kiwi the fruit.


lena kiwi said...

i love the last sentences!!!
thx for focus

Unknown said...

haha... of course ma for us Av people, that sentence very important one..

Think think next time what time better we should start and prepare your gastric pill first ar...

lena kiwi said...

lol..gastric pill also useless for last nite...prepare food better lar..haha

Unknown said...

food ar... ma stuck in my room till no place to move liao lo? kaka...

Lucy said...

What a pretty manicure. I like it just with the two colors. The finished konadicure is just beautiful. You really are an artist with nails. I'm enjoying reading your blog.

Unknown said...

>: ) I love you Lucy~ haha...