Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lady French~

Lesson today, concentrate on only one thing you're doing then only to another.

Well the last mani was allowed to stays on my finger for almost a week, i just can't stop staring at them time to time, so decided to keep then longer..

And yesterday i finally remove them for something new. I was doing the mani in front of my lappie like i always do, and watching Hong Kong drama at the same time.

I always start with picking up a color as base color/french/ any pattern that came to my mind that time, and only think of design i want to create when i'm painting the base on.
I was quite behind from the drama i'm chasing cause of doing assignments, so i'm catching up all the episodes that i've missed out, while doing my nails.

My eyes is here and there between lap top screen and my nails, and end up doing crap on my nails. Not that what i painted is not nice, but just not the 'U huh~!' one that will attract my eyes, so i keep on removing them and redo.

I finally decided to pause the drama and concentrate on nails. >< For stopping from wasting polishes and remover anymore. :p

This is what i first made. It's not consider as a finish look, but definitely not what i want.

And then i browse around the nail blogs for inspiration where i found a sweet one from KonADDICT and decided to follow hers. I don't have the color like hers + you know i don't like pink, i change the base to dark blue.

With Konad m39

But after i'm almost done with the nails, left the ring finger to be done, still i don't feel happy.
Staring at them for quite some time and think think think...

Failed again.

And finally i remove my ring fingers one, finish it with the same pattern as other fingers, but added a butterfly and a rhinestones.
Happier now.

Added some glitter after that, more happier, though there's some missing part of stamping like the one on my middle finger, but i'm too lazy to care since it's not that obvious, tehee...
The outcome is quite nice and lady.

Goods delivered satisfied.
Continue my drama~~ ^^v

Product used~
*The Face Shop case coat
*Elianto Indigo Shine 15
*Elianto White 02
*Konad m39
*Revlon Double twist base & top coat
*no brand glitter clear polish where i forgot to include in photo

Ps* My Konad special polished start to dry... ><
And one of my rhinestones dropped after i came out from bathroom bathing.. >< ><


Lucy said...

Your post is quite cute and funny. I loved each design you did. The final one is the loveliest.

Unknown said...

hehe, that's why it's the final outcome...
Lucy you're really kind, i got to thank you so much for taking time on my blog!

konADDICT said...


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot! ^^ and welcome, hehe...