Sunday, July 26, 2009

Flowery flowery nails...

Instead of 'stary stary night'... lolx..

First on the beginning, my naked nails~
They start getting a little bit yellow... >< Okay, into the topic..
Was trying to use those Konad pattern that i haven use before,
so today is this m53's turn...

Left right~

Don't understand lo, my right hand nails come out better lately, and the left one sure left some part cacat (smudge), see my middle finger... ><

My cute Ducky~ ^^

Konad m53

Right hand...
Kae's post reminds me of this, if you apply a different base color before the 'surface' color you want, it comes out differently..
I only remember it after i apply my last finger, then i tried to apply black polish on ring finger , then only the dark red, it's really different..

But in this case, it's slightly darker than what i want, so i only leave the ring finger with black base, the rest are 2 coats of the red..

featuring my belly dance belt~^^
Am currently learning belly dance at my uni, just bought this belt last week,
so cool to dance with that~ tehee...^^v

Product used~
*The Face Shop Base coat
*Sally Hansen Cotton Candy09 (left hand side)
*Skin Food BW701 (left hand side)

*The Face Shop RD303 (right hand side)
*Skin Food Pedicure Sprakle 02 (right hand side)
*Konad m53
*Revlon Double twist base & top coat


Kae said...

Love both koni's, very pretty! You have such nice nails too. What is the Skin Food polish? A topcoat? How weird it's just whenever I think of Skin Food I guess I only see BB Creams lol.

Unknown said...

Thanks~ i only wish that all my C-curve are similar, cause it's flat to curve from my index finger to the last pinky one..
The 2 Skin Food polish i've used this time were one sparkle black on left hand and a glitter olive on right,which is also the one im holding in the picture..
But true i think of their BB cream too, haha...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel! I found your blog via Kae's. What a beautiful blog you have here! Your nails are gorgeous - they are shaped beautifully and your Konad stamping is fantastic! I've had to follow! Hope that's OK with you :) <3

Unknown said...

Oh i had to say i love your blog too! Actually i just started reading your blog not long ago, and then you came to my blog!!

Thanks a lot for following my blog, and now i have a new friend! hehe...

Lucy said...

You have such nice long nail beds. Very pretty nails. I love both of your Konadicures. I especially like the darker polish.

Unknown said...

Me too! darker one suits me more actually..
tehee, i love to stare on my nails especially on the U-shape cuticle when they are naked.. @v@
Thanks again~ ^^

Pam said...

Hi love your blog, was thinking of ordering a nail dryer and wonder if this one is any good.

Unknown said...

Hi Pammie~
my Konad ducky one is ok, but because this is my 1st dryer,
and i bought it mainly cause it's so cute, so i'm not sure if it is to your requirement..

Anyway, thanks for hanging around here!