Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Purple sparkle for you~

Went out with friends day before yesterday, bought this 2 nail polishes form Watson. they're consider affordable with not bad quality, well better than what i thought..

I need some glitter so i bought the left one.
I was attracted by the sweet green blue heart pieces so i have to buy it. ^^ hehe...

I did a mani before this one but it's not really what i want as i'm just trying the polish,
so i remove it after half day wearing that one and change to this..

Again i start with a blank mind coloring the base coat,
then thought that i can match the purple with the only left thin tip polish i have which is also purple, so comes this design..

Left hand side..
It's like a present with ribbon wrapping around, added the cute heart shape too..
The glitter is not necessary but my hand itchy, new stuff in front of me must be 'tried',
so end up happily glittering my 10 finger nails, tehee...

The right hand side..
Still the same pattern but slightly change the angle of the ribbon..

Product used~
*The Face Shop base coat
*Elianto Glittery Nickel14
*Bloop nail polish clear silver glitter
*Bloop nail polish clear blue green heart flake
*Revlon double twist base & top coat


simyee said...

dear will always follow your nail blog..
and learn from you..
your blog mean a lot to me too~~~~

add oil!!

Unknown said...

haha, my dear dear make me so touched.... :')

Dear dear!!
Add oil too!!

simyee said...

got question ask u~..
i polish my nail not smooth..
而且 好像被东西压到有“印”这样的。。

Unknown said...

your question ask till 这样,你要我use english 还是华语答你?


我多数会丢掉再买过咯,反正又不是像OPI $50 贵死人一罐,哈哈。。

simyee said...

然后我用手去动它 看它干了嘛。。


Unknown said...


你啊,多看点you tube就可以帮你解决很多问题了啦。。哈哈。。

Kae said...

Hi Rachel! Man I was wondering why I wasn't seeing any nail polish posts but I think I got lost a month or two ago and followed your other blog lol. Well anyway I'm back! I was browsing your older stuff to catch up, the polish on plastic is a very interesting idea! I have to try that.

I love the blue hearts! Your current mani is cute :D

Unknown said...

hehe,welcome back Kae~!^^
Do find out Tanja's you tube channel as she showed the plastic method before as well..

Her latest plastic method :
*Black Lace, Yellow Rose* - Nail Art Design For Short Nails

And thanks! i feel like not much inspiration lately, always remove what i've painted on nails but can't think of anything pretty to re-apply..
But i'll try my best to keep working on it..

Lucy said...

Hi Rachel! This manicure is beautiful. You do really pretty work.

Unknown said...

Thanks~ :)