Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blogs of Nails~

Been 'ignoring' my favorite You Tube lately and stuck myself into blogsssssssa~
Friends' friend's blog, artist/singer blogs, comic blog, random ones....

How can i forgot about my all-time-favorite nails one le~? tehee...
So here it is..

KonADDICT, Konad nail art addict (gotta say i love her Konad~!)


The Diva's Polish

Alexlyndra (though i don't know her language, but looking at those nails is more than enough~)


Nail art World

I want more polishes.... :' {


konADDICT said...

Gotta say...hey thanks for the kind words....saw yu joined, so happy cuz i followed your link. Nice blog girl.. gota date with hubby- so i'll have to surf you later!

Unknown said...

huh?! you know me?
So surprise and excited, cause i've always wondering who is reading/diving here...

You got a lovely blog as well! love your Konad, i can't think of so many beautiful designs..

Thanks for hanging around, hope to hear from you again^^