Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fri fri french~

My gel nails are almost gone, did french nail to cover up the gel 'mark'...
Been busy-ing on assignments since the first week of semester, since it's a short semester, everything had been squeeze from 14 weeks to 7weeks.. T.T
This is what i did for the second week, suppose to put up 1st week's nails, will upload it later..

The nice C-curve disappeared cause the gel on my right hand are all gone..
My nails are weak and thin now, few layers of nails came out, trying hard to apply oil and nail nutrition as frequent as i can to strengthen it..


Roses~~~ my rose land~~~ ^^v

Made a lot of 3D roses using the mold with nail polishes and acrylic paint, kept it for further use, hehe...
I pick those half-dry/ drying old nail polishes to make it, so i wouldn't waste it and it come out good.. :)

Rosy~~~ Mine!^^


Paige said...

I love the roses!

Unknown said...

Thanks! i feel happy and excited just looking at it! hehe.. ^^v

Lucy said...

Nice French manicure. Adorable roses.

Unknown said...

Thank you! ^^ I'd definitely need more practice on the smile line..

shortwidenails said...


I was looking back back back and I find this post

for the molds you said you only use old nail polish/ acrylic paint so you don't need to buy that special acrylic powder stuff to use these molds?