Friday, August 21, 2009

Pink pleasure 101~

Ok just finish report and am waiting for class, so faster post up something.. @.@

This is what i bought form my last haul, i didn't test that time, and now only i found that..
it's not my color.. T.T
It looks really nice in bottle, but doesn't match my skin tone and make my hand looks more yellow-ish.. ><

Can't really see the real color in picture..
But i remove it after i came back from class, then change to another one which i will post it later..

The Face Shop Nail pleasure PK101~

Tired.... *yawn yawn*


Paige said...

Pretty! That is a very wearable color!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot! But i gotta be careful on choosing the right color next time.. :p

Lucy said...

Pretty shade but it does do funny thinks to your skin. I have problems like that with certain shades also.

Unknown said...

You so know me Lucy, the color really look nice in bottle but not to me too bad.. :(