Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Indigo French~

I know, i kinda being lazy to blog lately..
Should have post this up last weekend but i forgot to bring along my camera cable back when i went back hometown for weekends,
plus then my weekdays are quite pack to type here, so procrastinate till today..

Being a bit tired of patternsssss, so made myself a simple french mani..

Base coat,
2 coats of free hand french with indigo polish,
Konad on ring finger,
top coat and done...

My C-curve is perfect rounded to flat from pinky till index finger,
meaning my last pinky and ring finger is nicely born in C,
middle finger is kinda half rounded half flat,
and index finger is flat, as well as my thumb..
It does really make some differences among them,

like my pinky and ring finger would not get much bubble compare to the rest which i dont understand why,
i always get split nails on middle finger due to the C-shape, cause the curve is slightly flat at the edges of the C, so it easily peel off during daily work,
i can't seem to find a suitable nail for my flat index finger and thumb cause there's still some space between the fake nails and my real nails, and such.....

After i remove this mani and ready for new one, spending whole night in front of nail polish but cant seem to get patterns that i'm happy with,
keep on removing mani i half way did,
end up,

i stick on fakies... -.-"'
Lack of sleep, gonna nap now, will upload my fakies later..


Kae said...

I love that dark glittery blue. The french mani with bow is so simple and elegant I have to try that!

Unknown said...

Thanks! i'm kind of to more simple mani recently, maybe resting from more complicated design, hehe..

Pam said...

I have the same problem with changing my manicures, glad to know it's not just me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel - I love your mani - simple, classy and very elegant. I'm with Kae, I may have to try this too! <3

Unknown said...

Well maybe it'll be fine to go around take some time and look for some new inspiration..
Thanks for reading!

Thanks Danielle!
I'll try work on more simple yet classy one, easy to achieve with simple pattern, hehe...

Lucy said...

I love a colored French manicure. Very pretty.

Unknown said...

Thanks~ I love it too, simple yet easy..