Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blogs of Nails Nails of blog~

Long time no Blogs~ haha..
Just found out these not long ago and well i know you all already know some of them, but their nail art is really stunning that i have to mention again here..

A Tiny Nail Blog by Olmi
I really love that design of her in this post. @v@

The Kronicles of a Konad-er
And i've very impressed on her latest post! nail full with stones.. T.T i wonder will i be so daring..

Do Not Refreeze by Leanne
Most of the Konad Q&A can be found at here.

Azatoth by Azatoth
Nice nails nice mani nice background..

And finally,
more like a mov!e, less like real life by hitomi^^
We know each other from Poupee girl, and she just had her blog 'built' and you might wanna check her out~ :)

Okay, Specially by Rachel #2 will be up sooooooon~ ^^


Himi said...

aaw, thank you so much for mention ^^
i also looked at the other blogs, i wish i could design like that *o*

Unknown said...

You're welcome^^