Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nails By Rachel #3 The purple powerpuff~ ^^

It's not really my style even my sister told me few times, but it's still my creation and must be someone's cup of tea so why not share this with them?? ^^

A bad habit of mine -- i can't stand on looking back my old creation, i feel so embarrass i think it's not good anymore and wanna makeover for each of them~
Thus, i can guarantee most some of Nails By Rachel series that is coming up will be modified.

Ok ok, back to the nails today, it's like those black & pink girly one, but added bit of gold, well as one of my signature style, haha..
Oh and, i'm running out of fakies, so i did it on my nails.. :)

Ingredient of purple powerpuff girl is slightly different from Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup~ :p

Elianto divine gold 03
Elianto twillight zone40
QY-no-brand polish in White
glitter powder
dotting tool

And this~ is the original one, haha...

Step 1 to make purple powerpuff~~
black polish as base...

To make the purple red sparkle more shiny, add a layer of white polish before it..

Break time~~
Banana boat with scopesssssss of chocolate ice cream and you cover it with 2bananas corn flakes and Milo powder ( cocoa powder but sweet one) on top till you can't even see the main cast ice cream and yum~~~ ^^v

half an hour later back to work~
apply 1 coat of top coat on the love again, then you sparkle the glitter on it and clean the excess..

Then you outline it with beads..

I swear i will not buy cheap nail stuff anymore!
(well except for nail polish perhaps :p)
the beads is in purple but straight after i sweep top coat on it, the color just goes off and only left silver color, rrghh.......

Then i dot 2 straight line with gold on each nails.
Clearly you can see i forgot to take photo of it again.. :p

For pinky and thumb i just dot the gold...
the loves are in different position if you notice from the beginning till the end, because i can't stand of the unequal-ness of the white polish on black base, so i remove all of them and redraw and luckily it came out better if not i swear i will definitely remove and draw remove and draw! == can't stand on imperfection more and more now.. ><

Edited by Rachel for just some childhood memories~ ^^v

Ok, till then.. i'm going out with some old school friends tomorrow for gathering so you might not see new post up.. maybe late in night again k.. hehe...
Sweet sweet night to Rachel and Good good Morning to the other side of me~ ^^/


Paige said...

That design is so cute; you are so creative!

Himi said...

pahaha i found the same thing...i have lots of little nail things, but...i cant put topcoat on them..and they 'flake' O__o so i think i might throw them out yeesh..
and, i will try your banana boat..but...without milo xD

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Your blog is beautiful, as is your nail art. I just started using Konad and doing my own nails....I would love for you to follow my blog!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Rachel! I agree with your sister and I am glad you showed us your post. I for one think your nails look sweet, cute and fun! I really love them. You've polished them to perfection, once again :) xx

Unknown said...

Thank you~ ^^ hehe...

hehe, i enjoy sweet stuff like this once in awhile.. Did i told you before my pasta sauce toast is delicous~~?? haha, will show it next time.. :p

yardsticks 4 lunatics:
oh you have a beautiful blog as well~ i will follow it definitely.. :)

The Diva's Polish:
tehee, you know my style now.. ^^
and thaaaaaaaaankyou~~~ hugs to you for always supporting Rachel:)

Himi said...

you know i will be waiting for the pasta sauce toast =P

Anonymous said...

where do u buy the dotting tool?

Unknown said...

i bought it in a beauty fair, but you can get it from nail supply store..