Monday, January 4, 2010

This is all i got~ ^^

Well, it's not that complete in types of color, nor in glitter, but these are mine, mine mine mine~~
This is also the first time i arrange all my polishes in sequence and only i know i got so much different tones of colors.. :p

Warm colors~

The purple~ which is actually only 3, haha..
Cause it's not my fav color..

The red~~~ ^^ love those dark one that match well with my skin tone..

The cold color~
Sorry about the messy background, haha..
It's my dining table..

The gold and bronze group~

And the green and turquoise..

The blue to black~

And the beige and pink..

The glitters~

Only have 2 thin tips brush polish, got a silver one but it dried up so throw it away..

The bright one..
white, white, yellow, neon orange and orange orange~ haha...

clear polish with glitters..

Nothing can be done without these babies -- Nail nutrient coat, base coat and top coat~


Well, i haven't figure out any good idea to use these, haha...

Konad~~ ^^

m2, m3, m7
i'm too lazy to capture each plate, so you go to Konad website and check them out.. lolx..

m39, m53, m57

m59, m71

My roses and rhinestones~~ \^^/

Ok now i've finally arrange all in colors, and i feel release, dunno why.. XP
before this i use to arrange them by brand and just feel like something's missing..
So now i can go ahead and type my nail creation one.. tehee..^^/


Paige said...

Great collection!

Himi said...

ah i am jealous TT i love the 'cameo' decal you have! and one day, i will buy konad! one day...xD

rijaH said...

Great stuff you have :D I arranged mine to.. sort off. well think a couple of days went by and then it was a big mess again :p

Unknown said...

Oh thanks a lot!^^

hahaha... ok, i shall wait to see your konad nails. hehe.. ^^

haha, i like to see my stuff is arrange nicely so they look nice enough as a deco also, they are a mess sometimes, but i'll clean it up quickly before i got too lazy to rearrange again, haha..

Nessa said...

What are the names of those 2 blue skinfoods? I think I *might* have to have them :)

Unknown said...

Oh it's actually 1 blue and 1 black,
Blue: Pedicure Sparkle 05
Black: Nail Vita BW701

Thanks for hanging around my blog^^/

simyee said...

omg..... O.O
u geng lah...
i like it XD~muckasss

Unknown said...

hahaha... you like? not yours also... XP XP