Friday, January 8, 2010


Just wanna share some of my cute little kitty's daily shoot to you all~ ^^



3~~~ ^^ and she's still out there, haha.. :p


Anonymous said...

She's going to get you in your sleep Rachel! LOL! Look at the size of the claw in the last pic!

I love her, she's a sweetie!!

Himi said...

oh my goodness she's so adorable!! what's her name? her eyes are beautiful ^^

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish:
Haha.. she wouldn't!!! cause whenever she succeed to get into the house, the first and only place she will visit is my mum's cushion chair in reading room, she loves that chair and can spend whole day sleeping on it!! ^^

well, she's Hoppie~ not a special name but she is what she called, haha.. She like to hop around with her sister (another cat that is not in the picture) and when comes to feeding time, she will try to jump up to us when we are giving her her cat food.. hehe... ^^