Monday, January 11, 2010

yee yee, Rachel is nervous..

about tomorrow's industry training.. :{ (which is few more hours later.. :p) hope everything's fine and i will be likable.. XP

No mani to show today, cause i've been a 'babysitter' of my 2 siblings today, haha..
Planned to watch Avatar 3D but all show time's tickets went out like wind~ T.T
Fail for movie, so we went to have lunch and accompany brother and sister to play bowling, and that only i realise bowling is fun, haha...

Will update soon after i came back from working tomorrow night, see ya~ :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel! Don't be nervous! Industry training will be good and you will make new friends easily, I know it!

You HAVE to get a ticket to see Avatar! Watch the wind and seize your ticket because it's a fantastic movie!! xx

Jin said...

Rachel all the best for your industry training! I went to watch Avatar on Friday. Luckily I booked the tickets online first cos it was all sold out when we reached the cinema! You have to watch it!!!

Himi said...

oooh, i am probably too late, but i hope you are having fun at training!! i'm sure you'll do well ^^ pahaha avatar is still so popular isnt it =/

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish, Jin, hitomi:
I've watch once in 2D and it makes me even wanna watch 3D~ hehe.. will book the ticket again for this saturday ^^v

My first day of training today was ok, because we (2 of my classmates and 1 student from another course just get to know today) had a so so day as the company haven got anything to let us do, hehe, maybe tomorrow we will have some task to do..
Thanks everyone~ ^^

Musicalhouses said...

Good luck for industry training!

BTW i love your blog, your nail art is so intricate :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your wishes^^ hope you have nice time reading my blog tehee.. :D