Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nails By Rachel #2 Bridal french

Today we are going to create a simple yet elegant 'look' which is very suitable for wedding.. ^^v Oh Rachel loves white white white~~~

Recipe for this design:
QY-no-brand polish in White
The Face Shop Nail Pleasure PK101
Silver beads
dotting tool

Let's start^^

This is an optional step.
Apply the pink polish on the entire nail as a base, you may just leave it bare to show your natural nail's pink..
(yala, my hand itchy wanna add something else in, lolx..)

You need 2 coats to get the application even and get the bottle color..

Next, the fun part, heahea..
hand draw the french with any white polish of your choice.
you start from 1 side and you just drag the brush upward to make one side french, then you repeat on the other side, and you smooth it out on the middle and the side if it is needed..
I don't think i can show you exactly how-to french because it will eat my time of creating the smooth french by taking photo at the same time. :p
Maybe next time k? hehe...

Then, the easy one.. ^^

Here's where you can fix your french if you are not able to draw a nice bold white line.
you outline the french with silver beads..
You can stop here and finish up with top coat.. :)

Ok now the pattern..
This is my way, you may use yours where you feel easier to achieve the 'bridge' curve/half circle..
You start bead-ing the shape from the middle..

Then you go on on one side of the curve..
And you continue with the other side...

And you're done after sealing the beads with top coats~ Yeay~~~~ ^^v


Himi said...

ah those are beautiful! i sometimes have trouble with bullion beads rar~ i use clear polish to stick them you use glue?
also beause i like shiny i would add rhinestone in those little gap xD

Unknown said...

I only use top coat to stick them on, but i think nail glue works better when you're working on your real nails for more secure and protection..
haha, i tried this way before in another mani and they looks cute too~ ^^

Jin said...

Very pretty design! I love using bullions but even with glue they fall out very easily! Maybe u am just too clumsy!!! Hehe

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I wish I was getting married again (to the same man of course tee he he) to have these nails done for my wedding! Now I am really, really stuck!! Think I may try your earthy fishnet first!! :) xxx

Unknown said...

thanks^^ well i admit in real nails it drop off easily too,maybe thicker glue will do? haha...

The Diva's Polish:
Haha, wedding is the day that makes every lady looks wonderful~ :)