Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HalfSet of Earthy Fishnets~

Frequent updates meaning lesser post after that.. :p I will be posting more within this week because my training is starting next week and i'm not sure whether i will have time for nails, so since i have time and idea now i will try my best to stuck you all for more ideas while waiting for me.. XP ^^

So, i was in front of my lappie this evening and suddenly this idea of doing fishnet Konad appears in my mind. I have few pattern on mind so why not i draw it all in one time? this is why i have different designs on each nails, tehee...

All i used today were:
Elianto 03 Divine Gold
Elianto 13 Burnt Umber
Elianto 40 Twilight Zone
Skin Food Pedicure sparkle 02
(just grab the closest color you have and they will be good together)
Konad m57
Dotting tool

***Ring finger***

I started on my ring finger..
2 coats of shimmery gold as base..

m 57. You use polish remover to erase the image on the stamper to french shape then only you stamp in on your nails..
It's quite nice and you can stop here already but i just wanted to add something for decoration..

drop few dots of black to outline the french, and if you can see it i'm like filling the boxes on the 1st row..
Again, you can stop anywhere you feel your nails are nice enough..

I added the brown/bronze on some boxes for the last step.


This is an easy one..
2 coats of brown/bronze as base..

Then you stamp the whole image with an olive color..
For a more creative one you may go ahead and fill in the boxes from light to dark color to form a gradient checkered.

***index & middle finger***

black base for index finger, and a olive green pointing french on middle finger..
Both are in 2 coats..

(I realise i forgot to take the final picture of my index finger, but i'm sure you can see it on the last picture..)
For middle finger, again you clean the shape of pointed french on the stamper then only you stamp it onto your nails..
It's a failed one as you can see, but for the sake of time ans energy to remove it and taking risk or messing up the base, Rachel can definitely save the day~~~ >:)

See?? lolx..
Just added 2 lines of gold and brown as outline, to repair to spoilt fishnet as well, tehee...

As for index finger, after the black base had dried, you stamp the fishnet and clean it into a oval shape to stamp on the edges near the cuticle as a reverse french.
Then you dot some gold polish as outline...

***Baby thumb***

Again i forgot to take picture of the steps of thumb, but no worries it's a easy one too..
hand draw the french with brown/bronze polish,
clean the image to french shape then only you stamp it (olive color) , and add the line for some glitters...

And deng deng~~~ You can have it as 1 set of nail design, or separate it into 5 sets of nail design.. ^^


Paige said...

Those are gorgeous designs!

Trincess said...

How come I've never discovered your blog? You are so talented! I love this manicure! Feels like I've been doing nothing with the konad I own =)

Anonymous said...

Now I'm stuck..... I don't know what tutorial to try first. I adore the Chinese New Year Red and Gold (I bought the polish at The Face Shop today ;) ) and I also love the Earthy fish net ring finger. Ahhhh, decisions, decisions. All are beautiful! Thank you Rachel xxx

Unknown said...

Thanks:) i really appreciate you've been here all the time^^

Haha, don't worry, we all love Konad, but it's not easy and lucky to figure out new combination or pattern of Creative Konad always.. :p

The Diva's Polish:
haha, you're always welcome^^ Well, you must make decision fast, otherwise when more is coming, you'll get stuck worse.. XP