Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nails by Rachel #1 Red & Gold

Finally i let them up now~~ lolx..
This 'Nails by Rachel' is what i created on fake nails since beginning of last year when i first got fake nails and decided to start the confession to nails, haha..
It's been sticking on my wall and now they are moving here to share with you all for more inspiration and ideas..

I only make 1 of each design, but for the sake of practice and for whoever that is interested to do this nails, i will be re-doing the nail again, as a tutorial..^^

So this is the first design i drew, hope you all like it~ And i think it's suitable for coming Chinese New Year.. :)

This is what we gonna create today~

The Face Shop RD 303
I'm using another dark red as i've gave this color to my aunt..

Second coat..
It's really dark and looks like black with 2 coats on...

With gold flakes, stick it on the tips and make it like a french shape, with the flakes all in sequence..

Then you leave more space in between till the cuticle part..
This creates gradient and 'smudging-like' making this nails look more interesting..

The nail i did before is tend to be gradient in a 'vertical' direction, but the redo one is without any direction if you can notice it..

Top coat the make the flakes stay still, and you're done~ :)

More will be coming up and i promise i will try to update as often as possible, tehee...


Paige said...

That is a beautiful design!

Himi said...

beautiful ^^ i think it is very good for CNY also~

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rachel, I slept and woke to find this beautiful nail uploaded! I'm at work now but I am looking forward to going home and trying this tutorial! I think it is PERFECT for Chinese New Year!

Unknown said...

hehe, thank you.. but i think i have problem on recreating the same design as you can see it's still slightly different when you compare..

yea, red and gold also makes me think of Chinese new year, and by growing up i love this 2 colors matching together, sort of elegant feel..

The Diva's Polish:
haha, Danielle you always no fail to make Rachel feel proud of myself.. Muacks!!!
Next up will be a totally different theme, white french~~ hehe..

Lily said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Beautiful red polish and I love the gold hexagonal glitters. Good Job!

Jin said...

This is really nice Rachel! I love the gradient effect and the gold on red is simply classic and beautiful. I really like The Face Shop red nail polish it's perfect with gold! I recently bought heaps of sparkle flakes and did one design for the new year. However i've been feeling sick so it'll take me a while to upload it.

Unknown said...

Thanks, oh you make me shy.. TvT hehe..

I hope you will recover very very soon. :) so Rachel can see your design soon! haha... This is why i stick with their polish, it's affordable with guaranteed quality..

Nessa said...

This is beautiful! I love your nail art :)

Unknown said...

Thank you~! ^^ i'm glad you like it..