Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flower Eggy nails~

This will be a nail post all about acrylic paint and with many many glitters!! tehee...
I kept my acrylic paint away for quite some time and suddenly decided to use them for nails, here's all the stuff i've used~
** you may change all the acrylic to nail polish, as i'm just having fun doing it like that.

The Face Shop base coat
The Face Shop top Coat
Green bronze and purple glitter
Silver small beads
Acrylic paint in white and yellow
Orange stick
Flat pain brush (not shown in picture)

After base coat,
I used flat pain brush and dip it in white and yellow acrylic, one end in white and another end in yellow,
then draw out the flower shape near your tips, with yellow paint as the center of flower and white as the patels,
use silver beads to make a curve line like french tips between the flower and the 'pink moon shape line' ( hope you get what i mean..),
fill the empty space with purple glitter around the flower,
top coat and that's it..

I really wanted to paint it as a flower like how those gurus taught in You tube but i guess i failed,
cause me and my friends think it looks like fried egg in stead, lolx...
green glitter on index and ring finger while purple one on middle and pinky..

I have different pattern on right hand..
Using the same color but do it as french nails (but a thick tip one..)
paint white acrylic on nails and shape it like french nails but with wider tips,
added yellow after that to make as gradient, (but i failed i know, still leave it like that since it looks cute too..)
add lots of bronze glitter covering the line and slightly spread the pattern out..

This is the 1st time i paint my nails with only acrylic in stead of nail polish, but seems like it doesnt work well..
I was doing a mock up for my group assignments and been cutting pasting and such for almost the whole day, thus the paint on tips there peeled off so ended up i scratch and pull them out after that, since it's acrylic, and re do new one..

Rachel likes white, but i still dont understand why white nail polish always fry faster than other colors... T.T


Glittermillie said...

That is SO cute!! I love it :)

Unknown said...

Hehe, thank you! But too bad it only stay on my hands for 1 day, should try it with nail polish again..

ponnie said...

yealor. dunno why white and black nail polish always dries up faster than other colours... :( btw i like! the flowers look very oil painting-like ^^

Unknown said...

Pohnee!!! you're here! Muack!! lol..
ya ya, but black still better than white one for me, i can use for like few times only,damm wasting! ><

Lucy said...

Another pretty manicure. I love the floral look. You do such an amazing job!

Unknown said...

Thank you Lucy! i wish i can draw nicer one next time, when i have better skills on flowers hehe...

ponnie said...

hehe yup yup i'm here x) see got what nail ideas to steal from you. muahaha. btw, how much is a beginner set of konad? like, with the nail plate, nail polish, scraper and all?

Unknown said...

Tehee, welcome welcome to nails world.. XP
Talking about Konad, my 1st set of Konad cost me 60 bucks, which include 2 image plate, 3small nail polish, stamper and scraper.

You may start with that, of course there's some with cheaper price but lesser stuff la..
But from my experience,if you ady know how it works, you may only pick the image plate alone and play with your own nail polish, those with very pigment color and thicker texture works.. :)

You may also visit their site for more info:

OR go you tube~ :p

The SGW said...

ooo i see i see. but need special nail polish right? if we use normal nail polish then how ar...


Unknown said...

There's not limit on nails stuff,true Konad's secial nail polish is made to suit the usage of their plate,
but as i mention you can just pick some old polish that starts to dry up a lil bit,
new polish is more watery and will not get the image up clearly..

Caution** dont ever do Konad under fan, you'll only get piss off, lol..Amelia knows it~ lol..

Maybe i should post a entry about doing Konad, hehe...

The SGW said...

ooo i see i see. and yes u should! konad entry ftw :D

Unknown said...

hehe, but after i finish all assignments.. but i will make it soon, hehe... :p