Saturday, August 15, 2009

reverse indian french~

So after i remove the acrylic paint from last post, here's what i replaced..

I just tear out the acrylic paint, the beads does not affect and still stick tightly on nail, in stead of removing it i just cover with new nail polish..

Dark pearl red polish but ring finger and thumb with dark pearl blue,
then sparkle with glitters, green one on red nails and gold one on the blue..

Kinda like mystery Indian feel, i think...

The Face Shop Base coat
The Face Shop top coat
Skin Food RE102
The Face Shop BL604


Glittermillie said...

Oh this is really pretty! I may have to try something similar :)

Skye said...

gorjuzz i loveee very unique

Kae said...

love the big glitters very very pretty mani Rachel :)

Unknown said...

Thanks! it's really simple to do and can match with all colors..

Thank you! i think it makes my nails looks longer, hehe..

Thanks Kae! Your gradient nails are nice too, and i found that glitter polish is always best to do gradient cause it makes the layer looks more natural.. ^^

Paige said...

This is so creative, and it has a great Indian vibe!

Anonymous said...

Rachel - this mani is lovely. I've not seen another like it! Very beautiful, love the glitter and the colours you have chosen. 10/10 xx

Unknown said...

Thanks! the glitters shine quite well and i always got shocked by the 'spotlights', lol..

Thanks Danielle for giving me 10/10! I feel hard to remove it away and let it stay on my nails longer by getting lovely comments from you all~ ^^

Lucy said...

Rachel this is so beautiful! I love the polish colors you used. The jewels are so adorable. I would try to keep this as long as I could. Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

That is super pretty! Very creative, love it!

Unknown said...

Oh your comments are always so sweet! Thanks :)

Thanks Janine! i do love it when i'm able to come out with a nice and creative one, hehe..