Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mini haul and my tiny holiday~ ^^

I just realise i have not transfer my other winter nails into my lappie that i wanted to share here, but anyways i'll be free to do that tomorrow morning because I AM FINALLY IN HOLIDAY NOW~~~~~ wohoo~~~ XP

Exams over, and i'm back to my hometown few hours ago, and here am i for you all~! ^^v
Ok, what i can share with you guys are some here and there during my visit to grandma house last week.. and no worries nails stuff as well, haha..

I spent 3 days out with my family here as i mentioned in my last post, there was not enough room for us so we had to stay in hotel, this is when we first get into our hotel room, how can i not starting to picture picture and picture~~~ haha, got a bit crazy taking pictures all around with my siblings and mum but i'm not showing here to leave them some privacy.. :p

Yes i'm in pink that day, finally, lol.. It was actually second hand clothes from my aunt, i have it for a long time but i just don't feel like wearing cause it's pink.. but since it's a holiday, and i'm really happy and excited, so it is allowed to be put on.. XP

We went for a walk in the mall nearby after dinner, i was trying to look for formal wear as i need them for my industry training coming Jan 2010 but then i was attracted by nail polish again.. T.T Anyone know Callas this brand??

I only bought 2 of the polish since his is the first time i met this brand and the other colors are not so my type, hehe...

the Pearl Khaki.. light olive with glitters, 3 coats..
yea as you can see i ruin my index finger, i thought it's dry so i went brush teeth to go to bed, but..... T.T Isshh and ouch in the toilet.. XP

I tried out Juicy Sky on my left hand, pearl light blue, 3 coats as well, it's quite nice..
So coincident my sister brought me 2 nail polish and she bring it along, one of it is black so i added some pattern to it.
But i think it sucks, so i remove it sometimes later.. ==''

Along with it i bought nail polish remover and fake eye lashes since they are having sales for 60% of those i picked..
I don't really use to acetone-free remover, it's all over my hand and will never 'dry' like acetone remover, and i even mess up the table cause it's wooden and careless me got few drops of remover on it, and it makes the table sticky even after i tried to clean it.. ><

And now the eye lashes~~^^

I just love how the fake lashes make your eyes looks cute when you blink~
See the curve? hehe..
It's not a full length one but those that only concentrate on your corner lashes..

Gosh my face is so dry during my trip, maybe it's the weather.. ><>
Time for facial treatment~~~~ wahahahah...

Ok ok, so now i'm gonna show you all some magic of Photoshop, hehe..
There's a saying around my friends that don't ever trust what you see on the net, and this is what i mean...

Because editing can make someone that looks already pretty, (*uhhum..*)

to even more pretty!!!! hahahaahhaah......
my eyes are 3times bigger, with light green lenses, added blush, 1 pair of lashes on the upper one and 2 pairs for the bottoms, and since it's Christmas, some deco for my photo~ ^^v

To end this long para post, here is what i captured while we are on the road..
Rachel so smart that she forgot what this cycle call with 3 wheels, forgive her.. -.-"
it's uncommon to see it on the road anymore nowadays..
The driver turn to me and smile after i took this one, and few seconds after the 2 foreign ladies sitting in the cycle smile to me as well~ ^^v

Ok i promise updates on tomorrow! before i go out for Christmas eve celebration with my aunt, hehe.... ^^/


Anonymous said...

Rachel! You are funny LOL, I love your posts they always make my day! Your pictures are great, I look forward to the next post and yes, I love your mani, all beautiful, including you ;) Happy Holidays!! xxx

Jin said...

Rachel yay it's holidays time! I'm so happy for you. You can finally relax. Hey pink looks really kawaii on you. You should wear it more often. I've never seen this brand of nail polish before. The colour looks really nice. I like the first one more. How did the application feel?

Haha you are super funny with the Photoshop eyelash effect! I love full lashes but have not tried putting on fake lashes before. Did you draw on the fake lashes yourself from Photoshop or is it just an effect to enlarge the whole eye area?

Unknown said...

The Diva Polish:
Haha, i'm so glad you like Rachel so much, tehee....\^^/ I'm blogging while doing my Christmas nail, can't wait for tonight's Christmas dinner with my family~ ^^

Well the application is quite smooth, but the Khaki's brush was a mess actually, it is not well shape (usually it's a straight cut of the brush but this is one like broom.. T.T) so it's all on my cuticles and i have to clean it after that..
But overall the application is ok.. I dont have big prob on applying so far, hehe..

Oh ya about the eye lash, it's actually a China software call XiuXiu, it had everything girls need to 'dress up' themselves in pictures, like how i did it, hehe..
This is also sth i'm so addicted on lately other than Adobe Photoshop.. :p

And finally happy holiday to you all! ^^