Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas & New year Haul~^^

I hope everyone is doing well and had fun~ ^^
Sorry for not updating after Christmas, parent were out to Taiwan so me being the eldest daughter has to take charge of the house and my 3 siblings. Now i realise being stuck on housework will eat up all of your time from lappie.. ><>
Because Rachel hates sweeping the floor. hee...

This is actually a 3 day haul, went out with friends and siblings in continuous 3 days, which is quite cool for me, because my parent will be complaining if they were here, haha..

Heels~~~~~!!! ^^v
Went out with all siblings to the nearest mall for a walk since it's been a long time we did not hang out together. Siblings day~ haha...
Saw this in a shoe shop (of course it is a shop that sells shoes, if not? XP) and they have 20% discount for this shoes, which is quite to my style and they got my size! lolx..
Because me, my mum and my 2 sister has 'big feet' compare to girls at Malaysia, normally girl's size are around 4 to 6 but ours are 8-10 (mine are 25+cm, but the size differs when different kinds of shoes has different cutting)! XP
Anyway, it's quite comfortable and since they have my size and discount is on, so why not?

i think it's like 3inches?^^
Shoes that is under 2inches is not consider high heel to Rachel~


On the second day i brought my younger sister out with my friend and her sister as well. She's been waiting for me for shopping because i was at my hostel before that.. It was so nice to see Christmas decorations everywhere though i'm not so into this festival as i mentioned before, it makes me feel relax and lil bit of romantic walking in the mall, haha...

Of course we had a good time walking around and Rachel was buying this and that happily~ XP
Bought few formal wear and make up stuff but i will be only showing cosmetic stuff cause i haven take picture of the clothes, tehee..

So, i've gotten:

1000HOUR single lashes
The Face Shop Base Coat
The Face Shop Make up base (in violet)
The Face Shop foundation brush
Bonita (local accessories brand) red headband
Bonita cute hair clip (it comes with 3 of the clip in a packet, so me and my 2 sister each take one as sister clip~ )

It's a challenge applying one by one onto my lashes.. @.@


Suppose to go for dental check up this morning but it was a long queue when i reach there, (i forgot to make appointment ><) luckily the assistant was kind to arrange an appointment for me tomorrow. Since i'm out so i decided to walk around the mall again, while waiting cousin and his family for lunch. So coincident all i got today was for nails, hehe...

Rimmel London 300 movie star
Rimmel London 819 Green with envy
Revlon 470 Amber Ablaze
Revlon 760 Cherry Crush

Rimmel is having 10 or 15% discount while Revlon's is having 'buy 1 free 1'.
All are nice color and the application was nice, especially Revlon's one.
Did a mani using all the red i bought, will show you all tomorrow~ :)

Got the love shape sponge (from previous picture above) and this beads and glitter from a shop that sells cheap/ no-brand product with low price and they are having 'buy 1 free 1' for the entire shop. @v@
I seldom walk there but whenever i did, i'll find myself these cheap nail stuff with ok-quality.
The sponge will be working for the gradient nail art in the future and beads & glitter for nail deco~

Ok guys, i hope you all got what you wish for and will have a good time being with your family friends and love one in coming new year 'day'~ ^^v
But most important that you all be safe. :)


Paige said...

Great haul; I love the shoes!

Lily said...

Nice haul! I have Rimmel Green with envy too, it's a really pretty blue-green color. Many people tell me how it reminds them of the color of a mermaid's tail :D

Himi said...

wa-aw, so much!! shoes under 3 inches i think are only small heel, not proper heel hehe...
also those hair clips are so cute!! its nice you and your sisters share them =D

Unknown said...

Thanks! ^^ Feel excited everytime i got new shoes~

Oh, you're right, the scales mermaid~ ^^ It's a really stunning color and that's why i bought it, haha...

Because i like the shoes to be either really flat, or really high, always love the dramatic look on heels but those with good design are usually expensive.. :(
I love my sister very much and i always have to find cute stuff to share with them^^

Jin said...

Great haul Rachel! It's always good to go for some retail therapy. I used to love high heals but as I age, I don't seem to be able to wear them that often. It hurts my knee too much! Oh it's so nice you get go shopping with your sister! My younger sister lives in Singapore and I don't get to see her often!sigh

Anonymous said...

You are brave looking after siblings! Hope they were good for you! I love the shoes! They are gorgeous! I've been to The Face Shop today. Bought some masks to try. Have you tried the masks Rachel? Which ones do you like? Love the polish colours and can't wait to see your mani tomorrow!! :) <3

Unknown said...

Oh i love high heels but i don't wear them often too because i don' want to hurt my leg in young age.. :)
Oh i love shopping with my sister because we know each other's preferences so i will always keep an eye for stuff that suit her and so does she.. ^^

The Diva's Polish:
Haha, because i'm the elder and i am more serious and quiet compare to them, so they will normally obey to my order, haha.. But they do help me on some housework. :D

i haven get to try their mask before but i've heard many good reviews from friends and net so i trust on their product even i haven try but i will sure check them out when my Nivea mask is finish.. ^^