Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blingbling gradient~ ^^

I nearly forgot about this sweet nails~! :p
i've seen many tutorials in You tube about using make up sponge to create gradient design for nails, I just came back from last exam that time and i decided to try it out since i have my last sponge available, hehe..

Again, i forgot to take photos on the How-to, but i promise, next time when i restock my sponge.. ;)

1 coat is enough but you may add 1 more coat for the sick of richness, hehe..
It was really easy and the polish dries out super fast! using this method to create gradient save time save energy and you get simple yet gorgeous outcome~~ Why not?
I think i will be doing this gradient pattern more often since i will have to work for 3+ month for training and i dont think they allow crazy nails going on in office, haha...

one more picture under the sunlight and you see blings~~~ ^^v


Alisa said...

They turned out really nicee!

Unknown said...

Thanks! And Merry merry Christmas~ ^^

Paige said...

Beautiful gradient, it looks so soft and pretty! Merry Christmas! :)

Unknown said...