Monday, December 14, 2009


Hey guys, so sorry i've not been here for so long,
i'm on my exam now, will only end at 22nd and i'll be busy-ing on my industry training preparation on coming Jan2010, i will try to find time to update..

i've did 2 designs only for these period to let nail rest and concentrate on my study..
Will upload them when i found time to do so.

And to Kae if you are reading this, hope you will recover as soon as possible, get enough rest cause Christmas is waiting for you~~!!!!! haha...

And to Danielle and Jin, hope you both are doing well, my family didn't really celebrate Christmas as we are Buddhist and we don't have winter season over here but i hope you all have a great time preparing for the festival~ hehe..

Until then, take care you all~~ ^^/

Ps* away from here doesn't mean i'm totally off, i still have this tiny little time to reply comments and take a look at your blog when i'm having short break from revising. :)

And be safe!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel! I am thinking very good thoughts for you! It sounds as if you are working extremely hard and we all know you will do very well in your exams. I will look forward to seeing your new pictures and posts when this busy time has finished. Be well, good luck! :)

Jin said...

Hi Rachel thank you for your well wishes. I hope you'll do well in your exams. Although we have 4 seasons here in Perth but we're in the southern hemisphere so it's actually summer now. Both Danielle and I are suffering from 37 deg.c heat during the past weekend! Hehe no White Christmas for us here in Perth!

Unknown said...

The Diva's Polish:
hmm, feel uncomfortable to call you like that, hehe...
Thanks for your wishes! i just finish one paper this morning,
hope my drawing is ok, haha...

Haha, ops~ didn't realise the differences on season on your country,
then hope you all having a summer christmas~~ lolx...
but 37 deg is defenitely HOT!!!!
Temperature over here is only 33-35 max when we are all sweating from the heat all over the year
and it's already like a big sauna,
i can only say 'pity you Jin' staying on 37, hehehe... :p

Unknown said...

Hi, may i know your name? :)