Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter nails~ shall we?^^

Nope my exam is not over yet, but i have some free time between it to release myself.
i went for vacation~~!!^^

i have like 1 week gap between 2 subjects, so i get to join my family for the visit, though it's just a short 3days trip to visit my grandma at other states over here..
We had fun enjoying the food and places there, but not the damm hot weather.. T.T

Because it's nearby beach, sun is there along the day, people there usually shower for 3-4 times everyday.. i beg more than that.. ><
Anyhow, we haven been out for a trip since long time as a family, thus i feel lucky i don't have exam that time, hehe..

So back to the nails! I did this design the day before we depart. Since Christmas is coming soon, many nail bloggers started to move the winter onto their nails, Rachel shall share my idea as well, lolx...

Ingredients needed~
Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle 05
The Face Shop Nail Pleasure YL702
Elianto white02
Konad m59
Konad m7
dotting tool

Ok ok, let's start~ ^^v

This will be a blue nails. I have more interest on snowflake than candy cane or snowman, so i start this season thing with snowflake..
1 coat will be nice cause this bottle of polish work quite well.. ^^

My long long finger nails~~~~~ ^^
All of my siblings have long fingernails too, but mind's the 'softer' (you know some people's hand is more to 'bone' type one while some are very soft like teddy bear. if you get what i'm talking about.. XP) thank to my mummy~ haha...

i must put this picture on though it's like repeating.. sunshine and glitters always no-fail to make me in love with my hand... @v@

Now the Konad time~

Then stamp stamp stamp~~~
See closely and you'll see the 3D-ness of the white polish, haha.. So nice..@v@

The only place i can get warm warm sun shine from my room, my tiny hostel room only has 1 window, haha... So don't mind the roof thing..

Did i just say i love sun shine and blings? hehe...
Then glitter your nails on where you like, i tried 2 ways, this is on my left hand..
Seen many nails in Japanese magazine 'frame' their nails, though it would be cool to try.
But i think i doesn't suit in this design, hmm....

So i did another design on my right hand~ i didn't pay much attention to this, but it came out better, haha...

Seal with top coat and you're off to the snow~ ^^

I got one more snowflake nails which i just created this morning, will upload it on tuesday i think, when i finish my exam, and i'll be free from uni till Jan10~!! ^^v

Wait for me yea~ :p hehe...


Unknown said...

That is a really pretty blue and I love the holiday design!! very cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks Brooke!^^ bu i'm running out of ideas for winter cause i'm not really familiar to it as my country dont have seasons, i'm looking at other nail blog or youtube for more inspiration, hehe..

Jin said...

Hey Rachel, I am glad you managed to spend time with your family to relax in between exams. I prefer my exam dates to be spaced out only for 2 to 3 days. My brain will go crazy if it drags on for too long hehehe. I'm so glad my last uni exam was like 8 years ago! hahaha I feel so old now.

I really love the blue nail polish! It's so beautiful. I'm so happy that I'm finally going to get my first Konad set very soon! Can't wait to start stamping! I've seen the 'frame' nail designs on magazines too. I agree with you, I like the random sparkles better.

Anyway 加油 for your exams!

Paige said...

That is so cute! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Rachel!! Beautiful as usual! I've been wearing The Face Shop's BL604 (different to yours) this week and I've loved it what a pretty colour your blue is! I may have to do some white stamping on mine! Good Luck with your exams see you again soon xxx

Unknown said...

Thanks Jin~ ^^ well i don't like my exam dates to be so far away as well, but it's fix already, so it's a good thing also, to let me have some space for myself.. :)
I love the blue as well, but i found that it makes me finger looks like plastic everytime i put it on.. lolx..
And i hope you have a great time trying your Konad! it does freak me out a bit during my first time, haha.. remember, no direct 'wind' near you when Konad-ing.. ;)

Thank you! ^^ feel like bringing winter along with me when i have the nails, haha..

The Diva Polish:
Hehe, Thanks Danielle!!! ^^/
The Skin food's polishes are harder to remove compare to The Face Shop, but Skin food's colors are so nice..@v@

Thank you for all your wishes! I'm making friends with my books and things goes smoothly so far, haha...^^v

Himi said...

ooh, goodluck on your exam ^^ i am hitomi from poupee! i finally made blogspot...i love your nails, you already know hihi~ so long, i wish mine were also nice and long! the blue is really good in the sun, but i don't think it makes your hand look plastic ^^

Unknown said...

Hi Hitomi^^/ finally we meet here, sorry about not replying you in poupee yet cause i was busy doing revision, exam is tomorrow..
I love dark colors on my nails, blue red green is in my top list, glitter would definitely add many many marks on it, haha..