Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snowflakes nails~ ^^

Ok ok so this is Rachel's promise~ ^^
I'm back to my hometown so i had breakfast with my siblings just now and we had a great time chatting and having fun.. They are all more outgoing and always cheerful which is slightly different from Rachel the quiet elder daughter, so sometimes i feel annoyed of their noise, haha...

After breakfast and cleaning the table here is my time for nails! ^^ I got an cute idea for Christmas the minute i woke up and still on bed, will show you all after this, am in the last step now, hehe.. ^^v

I continue trying the new polish i got, as i remove them soon after i apply it. So this is consider the second 'testing' time, haha..

First the ingredient~

OPI light blue polish (i'm too lazy to find the name out again, just get what you have for light blue~)
Callas Juicy Sky
No-brand clear nail polish from Watson with silver glitter
Dotting tool

Let's start~

It takes 3 coats for for the color to show..
This is the 1st coat..

2nd coat..

3rd coat... You still see some uneven part on the edges, those are the 'pieces' left of the gel layer i had some time ago, it's still there and i'm too lazy to file them down, cause my nail layer is getting so thin cause i've been filing the gel layer time to time..
Few more times of manicure then it will totally out from my nails, yay~~ haha..

So sorry that i forgot to take picture of me drawing snowflakes, you know it's hard to stop when you are paying 120% of concentration on nails, hehe...

Some close up..

I google of image of snowflake and pick some to follow the patterns..
I used dotting tools to draw all the snowflakes as my brush level is worse, haha...
I just pick up light blue polish onto my dotting tools then i drag it to become a line, and so on..

Added some glitter for the sparkles~~~
Top coat to seal and you're done~ ^^

I'm finishing my nails, will be up next ^^


Anonymous said...

I wish it snowed here :( those nails are gorgeous! I love this mani too! Have a lovely celebration with your family xxx

Unknown said...

Hehe... But my boy say the snow looks like spider web.. ><
Same to you, i wish you had a good time with your family and love one~ ^^

Paige said...

That is so cute!!! I love it! Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

Happy holiday to you too~! ^^v