Thursday, December 31, 2009

fimo-ty french~

Woke up early today to visit Mr.Dentist for my brace check routine, and good news is i can finally remove my brace before Chinese New Year (which is so coincident fall on 14th Feb)! yeay^^v

Ok back to the nails, i did a black mani for my sister awhile ago, and she keep looking at my nails creation collection and wish i could do her one. Since it's quite free today, let's give her a mani...

To create this cute french mani using fimo fruit pieces, you will need~

QY no-brand white polish
Elianto Racing Green 18
Fimo fruit -- we got watermelon, apple, orange, lime and a smiley face :)

isn't them cute~~~
Well it's a quick and easy nail art. You paint french nails with the green (white on the thumb as my sister wanted it like that) and just stick the fimo pieces in between the french and pink nail area and you are done.

Here we have the pinky apple~

Lime/lemon ring finger~

middle finger nails with watermelon~~

And the smiley for thumb~~^^

(without top coat)
And here you got your fun and easy fruity nails~
you might notice the quality of the photos are different as i'd borrow my camera to my mum for her trip to taiwan and i'm using hers.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! ^^/


Unknown said...

this is too cute!! where did you get the awesome fruit fimo? I love it!

Unknown said...

Oh i got it from night market some time ago, i'm sure there's a lot selling on the net as well, i wish they had more variety of pattern to choose.. ^^

Paige said...

That is so cute!

Himi said...

yes, you can get a lot on the internet there are many sites selling it ^^ you can have them whole cane or already cut ~ oooh, but do they fall off easily??

Jin said...

This is so cute! Did you use konad for the French mani? I got the French mani konad plate but have not used it yet. Wonder if it is easy to use? I love the smiley face!

Unknown said...

thank you so much~ ^^

haha, you got the point. i think you will need nail glue for this as top coat is ok but not enough to make them stay strong and long on your nails. my sis nearly drop 2 because she's not use to have '3D' stuff on..

i draw the french, forgot to take photo when i just finish the french. I prefer to hand draw it compare to Konad one, because it is just way to difficult for me.. T.T
French Konad needs practice, and 1 layer is not enough i think so you have to really stamp it accurately during 2nd layer.. :(
But since you have it, i think it's a good chance to handle it.. ^^

Tiffany ツ said...

i just found your blog of of danielles page and it is sooo nice... i love your work, and the gradient you did a few post back AH MAZE ING!

Unknown said...

Oh thank you for your compliment^^ i'll be doing a new post again soon so stay tun~ :)