Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Merry Christmas Nails~

Merry Christmas everyone and i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas eve~ ^^/

This is Rachel's Christmas nails that i just created~^^

White polish
(here i use 2 kinds of white as
QYbrand is more watery for the gradient and
Elianto white02 thicker one for Konad)
The Face Shop RD302
OPI 88 (i'm quite sure this is fake one, cause i can't find any matches in the OPI web site :( )
Elianto Racing Green 18
Konad m59
dotting tool

Here we go~~

Using a make up sponge, sponge white polish on the tips and you see snow~~ haha...

Next use dotting tool to draw red dots by random size and places..
Then you repeat the same way with green polish..

Because i don't own any red polish that contain glitter so i added glitters on them after that with slightly bigger shape than the matte red one. Just to make it like smudging out..

After the dots are dried, go ahead and Konad snowflake image from m59, again random~~

Last add rhinestones as you like and seal them with top coat,
go dress yourself up and ready to go hang out with your family your friends your love ones~ ^^/


Jin said...

Nice mani Rachel! I love the sponging effect. It really looks like snow. Hehe. I just did a snow flake design. Will post it up soon!

Unknown said...

Tehee, xie xie Jin~ ^^ i wish i could have to chance to travel to country that has snow, love the white scenary~

Paige said...

Ooo, that is super cute!

Himi said...

i remember this sponge effect, but i used acrylic paint when i tried it and deco with many rhinestons ^^ is it hard to do with polish??
ps nails lovely as usual =3 makes me want to buy konad!

Unknown said...

Thanks~ ^^

oh it's super easy to do with polish as well~ and you get a smoother surface with polish as it has the formula to smooth out the application so you will not get a bumpy outcome compare to acrylic paint.. :)
You have to try Konad, it's fun to have it when doing your nails~ ^^/

chocaddict said...

that's so pretty!
I definitely have to remember that idea for next year's Christmas :)

Unknown said...

Hehe, thanks a lot chocaddict~ ^^

Camy said...

Very beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thank you~ ^^/

nilcan said...

Gorgeous design LoVe this one!!

Unknown said...

Thank you~ :)