Monday, December 7, 2009

Teddy bathing day~ ^^

I have not wash my cute little teddy since it my best friend gave it to me as my 18th birthday present(if i'm not mistaken, lol, that's a long time ago..).
It's been sitting far from me in the cupboard all these while, and i only 'discovered' him back few weeks ago as i mention in this post.
My boyfriend've been complaining he should get a nice bath from 'breathing' dust so long, so here it is~~ hehe..

forgot to take a photo before he get under the water.. ><
teddy looks so cute here, haha...

0 o 0 oo 0 o o0o 0 o o
o 0 o Bubblesss0 o~ ^^ o 0 o 0~
0 ooo 0 0o o0 0o0o0 o0 0

Since this was his first bath, i let him sit down and play with these cute duckies... XP
he's actually half body in the water, but the lighting make the water invisible here, hehe..

^^ towel~

And sun bathing~ haha...
the fastest pose to dry himself up..

'mama, how long i have to be hang under the sun?
i'm so hot and my ears hurts.... :("

For the whole afternoon he's been out there alone with my washed clothes, hehe..
And now that he is clean and nice, teddy gets to get back with his friends~ ^^

*The End^^*


rijaH said...

Awww that's really cute :D Good to see teddy all clean and cuddly :P

Jin said...

Hey Rachel, your teddy is soooo cute! It looks so soft and fluffy after the bath! I used to have a big white teddy that I love, called 'Xiao Bai'. It didn't manage to have a bath cos my mom threw it away when we were moving house many many years ago! *sobs*

Unknown said...

tehee,teddy says 'hi~' and thank you~ ^^

i use to have alot of teddies surrounding my bed but i keep it all in a big box during my high school,
cause they're turning from white to grey, lolx..
But they are all gifts from friends and family
so i feel hard to throw them away.. :p

Anonymous said...

"mama, how long i have to be hang under the sun?
i'm so hot and my ears hurts.... :("

:) I can hear teddy saying this.... Glad he is all clean, neat and even cuter. Great pics and sweet story :) xx

Unknown said...

tehee.. i was just starting to wash him and i though 'hmm,
maybe i can make cute picture of him and show you all other than nails from me~',
so i quickly take my camera and snap snap snap~
i wish i could make more bubbles around him, haha..
Nice to hear from you again Danielle hehe~ ^^/

2espresso said...

that is so cute! the second picture is really artistic! ^^ <3

Unknown said...

thanks! ^^
she's with me everyday now, looking at me online-ing eating and stuff, she's just so adorable~