Saturday, June 13, 2009

Greeny orange~

Separate nails into 2 parts horizontally, 2 coats of green sparkle on the upper one..

apply orange sparkle on the bottom part,
then add a line of silver glitter in between of the 2 colors..

Next while waiting for the polish to dry, take a olive polish and draw some curve lines on a plastic bag and wait to dry..

Tried to use this same method on hard plastic box with acrylic paint before but didn't really success cause acrylic sticks stronger on plastic than nail polish so it's hard to take it out..
At the end i just took out 1 from the plastic box but it's spoilt , the rest are still there.. XP

Then saw video clips from Tanja using this way to do nails too and make me wanna try it again, and yeah~ Bingo~ tehee...

Use tweezers to take the polish up from plastic bag..

apply coat of clear polish on the nail
then continue using the tweezers or orange stick to stick it on the nail..

Added some glitter also..
top coat then done~

Product used:
*no-brand dark green sparkle
*TheFaceShop Twinkle orange
*Silver glitter thin tips polish
*SkinFood pedicure sparkle 02
*Artpac white nylon series no.1
*plastic bag

And ya, i like Tanja's video~ :)


Lucy said...

Interesting how you do the manicure. Pretty.

Unknown said...

Thanks! It's actually kind of Malay style nails i think..