Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HalfSet of the Confession of........ stones~ hehe..

Sorry for the delay! ><
Life have been busy, i don't have time for nails and some of them are starting to chip now.. :(
I don't have class today, so i shall keep come time for here, hehe..

So here's the tutorial for the green set of nails i did awhile ago, i decided to name it the confession of stones, simply because i really can't think of any that i can relate to green color and since it's like full of rhinestones, i thought i could just make them the 'focus' on this nails, though they are, haha...

Inspiration of my creation~ Nail max^^
Credit to the magazine and the manicurist who come out with such brilliant idea~
As you can see those nails are will stones covering all up, but i don't have so many types of color and shape of stones, so mine is different from the original one..

Cheap cheap ingredient for expensive-look nails.. XP

Base coat and top coat for real nails of course
glitter green glitter polish (you can pick any color you like but dark one will do better)
here i'm using the water drop shape one, round one, and moon shape one..
and not to forget beads
lastly dotting tools or orange stick to help you to pick up the stones..


Fakies get ready~~~
on your mark~~~
and go~~~ haha...

First layer of green polish

Second layer of green

I forgot to capture them from the very very beginning of the stones, Rachel's mind already flew to the nails and stone but not camera, untill this, lol..
You first put the huge one on where you would like to start off,
then surround it with the silver beads,
then the red water drop stones, it's like you are drawing flower's petal..
Continue with one silver bead on every 2 red one..

Continue with one purple water drop between 2 beads..

One silver beads between every purple one again,
then you end the pattern with moon shape stones..

@v@ Kila kila^^

This is the middle finger..
same technic but with different color arrangement and smaller stone on the middle..

Pinkie... see, i forgot to capture the following steps again, and the index and ring finger, i only realise it after i've done everything, haha...

For index and ring, i only use the moon shape stones to make a circle shape by making them vertically, i hope you get what i mean by find that out on my first picture on this post, hehehe...

Top coat to protect and seal the design and stones, and you get your nice nice stunning nails^^

Some Rachel'graphy for the nails^^v

I'm so liking it and i wear it on and flood my camera with photos of them..

My face looks so yellow-ish.. ><

Hehe, this is the reflection from mirror, i though it will be something special to use this effect, because i like how the stones become from this effect, hehe...

Until next time, see ya~^^
Back to my thesis assignment.. ><


Paige said...

That set of nails is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Thanks!^^ hehe...

Kae said...

Wow Rachel, you've outdone y ourself again! I love the little detail work and design, beautiful (^^*)

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

wow - this is beautiful! you must have alot of patience.

Unknown said...

Thank you thank you! ^^ hehe, now i have few Nail Max in my lap top i guess i will get more ideas but wait till i manage to finish all assignmenstssss!!! hehe..

Deez Nailz:
Thanks a lot~ ^^ i dont even remember how long i took to do it, haha..

Jin said...

Rachel, beautiful bling out nails! I will 'Peng Sang' if I try to replicate it haha. I am in the middle of redoing my nails now. Looks like it's going to be another long night.

Unknown said...

hehe, thanks Jin~ ^^
But by the way, what's peng sang? i can't really think of it in mandarin, hehe...
or it's cantonese hokkien? haha..

Hope to see fantastic one from you~! ^^v

Jin said...

Haha it's in hokkien. It's means I'll flip or overturn. You understand hokkien?

Unknown said...

haha, i'm more fluent on mandarin and canto, and lil bit of hokkien.
I hokkien actually, haha.. but my parents seldom communicate to me with that, i only learn from listening when they are talking to my grandma, hehe..
In Malaysia we at least know 3languages which is Malay our nation language, eng and canto or mandarine.
Add in some hokkien, i know 5 languages, and few word of hakka, lol~

Jin said...

Yes, living in a multi-cultural society, we have exposure to many languages. I can speak English, Mandarin and Hokkien. I forced myself to learn Cantonese cos I love watching canto drama. And now I've picked up Hakka cos my husband's family are Hakkas. I've just completed my full set of nails. It's 2.40am now!!! Need to catch up on sleep soon. I'll post the nails pics tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Haha, congrats~! you can sleep now, lol..
I'll wait for the pictures tomorrow, it's time for me to go to bed as well, hehe.. night~ :)

simyee said...

u ini orrang ah..
memang got the heart to do it..
if me..i already pengsan lah XD

but nice lah XD

Lucy said...

What a gorgeous set of nails. I love the base color of the green. All of those gems are lovely. Especially the designs you choose. Amazing.

Unknown said...

Thanks again! ^^

Tartofraises said...

wow ! good job !

Unknown said...